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Small Garden Tables

Small Garden Tables

Garden table for special tasks

Garden tables, regardless of their appearance, should be primarily functional. A modern and possibly light construction is of great importance here, allowing the furniture to be quickly moved to a place where it is needed. The folding option is also a key issue - the perfect garden table model should have a mechanism that will allow you to easily store it in a closet, garage or on a balcony.

Complementing the garden furniture

Tables on the terrace, unlike full-size tables, usually do not take up much space, so they are a perfect complement to a lounge or dining set. A small garden table with a round or rectangular shape can be used, for example, during a garden party as an additional table top for drinks or tableware, but also provides comfort while drinking coffee in any part of the garden.

A representative piece of furniture for the terrace

Contrary to appearances, functionality is not the only advantage of terrace tables - many of them have great decorative potential. Who said that a beautiful garden table cannot be a flower bed, a lamp base or a sort of shelf? Models with stylish legs, made of unusual materials, with an elegant glass top or with a sophisticated shape are perfect for complementing the decor and emphasizing the style of a terrace arrangement. However, it is important to pay attention to the appearance of the material, which should be resistant to the harmful effects of sun and moisture.

The perfect piece of furniture for small and large balconies

A garden table is a piece of furniture that will allow you to arrange a balcony space even at a low cost. Simple, foldable, made of light and durable material, it will not only withstand the vagaries of the weather, but also fit into a demanding space and easily keep up with the changing needs of users. On the other hand, the characteristic bistro-style table, complemented by stylish chairs, will make you feel like in a real cafe without having to go out to the city.