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GTV Lamps GTV Lamps

GTV, one of the Polish leaders in the field of LED lighting, has introduced to the wide range two solutions dedicated to investment topics, sealed lamp for LED T8 Hagen bulbs, as well as durable and economical LED T8 bulbs in a glass case: dimensions 60 and 120 cm, power 10, 20 watts.

When choosing lighting, architects, designers and investors are guided by such parameters as power, luminous flux or color temperature, but increasingly focus on the economic use and low energy consumption of a particular lamp or light source. The new GTV series is the answer to these needs, intended for investments such as offices, warehouses and industrial buildings.

GTV bulbs

  • GTV Hagen 236 bulbs is a protective element designed to work in difficult conditions. The luminaire is designed for lighting rooms with high humidity and dust, for example, industrial workshops, stores, warehouses and workshops, basements, boiler rooms, waterworks. It has a high degree of protection IP65, which means it is resistant to moisture. Works with two single-sided LED T8 bulbs.
  • T8 LED glass bulbs are pleasant to the eyes, environmentally friendly and economical from a financial point of view
  • Light sources with LEDs T8 10 and 20W and a built-in radiator, designed for luminaires with a G13 socket, are an innovative replacement for traditional fluorescent lamps. They are characterized by the emission of neutral colors, with an intensity of 900 lm for fluorescent 10-watt bulbs and 1800 lm for 20-watt light bulbs. The new GTV proposal is characterized by a wide backlight angle of 270 °. GTV LED T8 bulbs are suitable for offices, hotels, restaurants and other public spaces. Users praise them for their design, functionality, long life up to 40,000. hours.

LED GTV G125-8 bulb

LED bulb with a diameter of 125 mm. for lamps and chandeliers. Ideal for interior decoration of cafes, bars, restaurants and residential premises. LED bulb with a diameter of 125 mm. for lamps and chandeliers. Ideal for interior decoration of cafes, bars, restaurants and residential premises. LED bulb with 8W power, thread: E27, luminous flux: 810 Lm. Bulb lifetime is 40,000 hours, lighting angle: 360 °, bulb shape: transparent ball.

LED GTV panels

LED panel KING 42W with a microprismatic diffuser for lighting public, industrial, warehouse and other buildings. Recessed luminaire for Armstrong ceilings. The power of the panel is 42 W, a high degree of protection against moisture, IP: IP54, lighting angle: 120º, luminous flux: 3200 lm. Installation type: built-in, body material: aluminum in white.

LED panel GTV PRINCE 40W is an ultrathin LED panel, thanks to its dimensions, it allows to significantly save ceiling space, as well as install a panel on the wall. The power is: 40W, protection against moisture, IP 40, luminous flux: 3200 lm. The housing material is aluminum in matt white.

A tight LED GTV lamp

LED lamp with a wide range of applications, can be used to illuminate warehouses, production rooms, car washes and others. It is well protected against moisture and dust, has a degree of protection against moisture IP67. Lamp power: 36 W, lighting angle: 120º. The lamp is made of aluminum and plastic in gray - white.