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Led projectors

Outdoor Led projectors are used for general and local lighting of open spaces: sports grounds, neighboring areas, courtyards, industrial plants, architectural objects, nodes, parking lots, ports, airports and other open spaces. A feature of this type of luminaire is the installation method and the optical part designed for illuminating from high heights and for filling large surfaces.

Outdoor Led projectors

LED projectors are universal outdoor lighting. With their help you can solve many simple and complex lighting problems. A universal installation, a set of optical systems and the quality of components are the main advantages of this lighting product.

Outdoor Led projectors are adapted for lighting, for example, driveway or garage. The characteristics of this product is a high degree of protection IP65. The good tightness of the Led projector protects against water, moisture, dust etc. getting in. Using a Led bulb in the projector allows you to achieve a cold and bright color of light while collecting a small amount of electricity. It can therefore be stated that Led projectors are energy efficient while providing high, light quality.

Led projectors are illumination of the backyard area made of aluminum and glass in black. The use of high quality materials for the production of this product allows long-term operation and excellent illumination of a selected part of the building, for example, entrance, garage doors, etc. Some devices have a built-in motion sensor in the range of 360 degrees (horizontal) and 140 degrees (vertical angle), range traffic peeling is 5 meters.

LED projectors (floodlights)

LED projectors (floodlights) are made of high quality aluminum casting. The degree of protection is IP44, ensures good tightness and the possibility of using this device in all environmental conditions. The floodlights reach the right color of light, thanks to which the road, property and buildings are well-lit. The device is equipped with a convenient holder for mounting on a wall or mast. The lighting range is 12 meters.

The use of outdoor Led floodlights is: lighting of parking lots, driveways, roads, premises and private buildings, offices, shops, advertising banners, ramps, etc. LED floodlight is made of tempered glass, silicone gaskets providing protection against rain, frost, etc.

Outdoor Led projectors (portable floodlights with battery)

This type of LED outdoor lighting successfully replaces halogen devices. Led floodlights with battery have an IP65 degree of protection, they are waterproof. The device is equipped with a battery making them mobile, so it can be used anywhere without access to electricity.

The floodlight has a mains and car charger and can be charged where there is access to a suitable socket eg in a car, boat, etc. The stand with the handle allows you to adjust the setting on a given plane. This type of Led projector is very useful for camping, camping, camp, plot, car workshop, etc.

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Led projectors