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Bathroom lighting

Bathroom lighting

Bathroom lighting with the right approach will fulfill not only its basic function, but also several others. Lamps and chandeliers for the bathroom can decorate the interior, visually enlarge even a small room. But when choosing, be especially careful, since the connection of electricity and water in the bathroom requires compliance with safety regulations.

How to choose the right lighting for the bathroom?

The number of lighting fixtures in the bathroom directly depends on its area. If it is small and its area is about 5 m², then in the center of the ceiling there will be a lamp or a chandelier with two or three light bulbs. But even if the bathroom is small, it is better to additionally illuminate the area of the sink and the mirror so that all cosmetic procedures are much easier to perform. If the bathroom is spacious enough, it is necessary to provide zonal lighting, the characteristics of which depend on the configuration of the room, design ideas and other factors. It is important to consider many other factors that affect bathroom lighting. These include: the style of the interior, or rather the chosen color scheme, since, as you know, the shades of light more reflect the luminous fluxes, which means that the room will be more illuminated.

Depending on the position of the lamp, they can be located:

  • On the ceiling - this is a permanent classic. Each bathroom must be equipped with at least one ceiling lamp or a chandelier which will be responsible for the overall lighting in the bathroom
  • On the wall. These are lamps designed to illuminate certain functional areas of the room.

Today, various light sources can be used as light sources: incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, LED.

How to accentuate details with bathroom lamps?

An important point in the design of any interior is the correct placement of light accents. A wall lamp for the bathroom will help to focus attention on the details of the room design and emphasize them effectively. Such a bathroom lamp has both excellent decorative qualities and excellent performance characteristics.

Chandeliers or ceiling lights for the bathroom?

Bathroom lighting should be resistant to moisture to a degree depending on the zone in which it is located (distance from the water - bathtub, washbasin or shower). Plafonds, which are usually closed luminaires, allow for achieving much higher degrees of tightness - IP44 or higher in the case of hermetic plafonds. In the case of a larger or higher bathroom, you may be tempted to use a bathroom chandelier with an attractive design and decent functionality. Such a chandelier, however, usually has a lower degree of protection against moisture (but there are exceptions), so it should be located further from the bathtub or washbasin, or even more so from the shower.

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How to plan bathroom lighting Bathroom lighting

Lighting is an element complementing the interior design. In addition to the practical function, lighting helps to express the desired style in the interior and create a pleasant atmosphere. Before arranging the interior, you should carefully plan the distribution of lamps. Where are you going to put the basic lighting? What decorative lighting will suit your interior? What parameters should the lamps have? In particular, bathroom lighting requires the selection of appropriate lamps that are waterproof and guarantee safe use.

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Bathroom lighting