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3D Wallpapers

3D Wallpapers

Wall murals for the 3D wall - your way to the extraordinary interior

3D wall mural can take a variety of forms, ranging from large-format outdoor photography to complicated geometric patterns that you can't try to recreate in reality. In each case, it is focused on the same effect - it is to decorate the interior, but also to surprise, create the illusion of being in three-dimensional space. This 3D effect has an additional value - the interior decorated with 3D wallpaper is visually enlarged. Thanks to this, even a small living room can give the impression of being spacious. Gluing 3D photo wallpaper to the wall behind the sofa is a common procedure - then you can get the impression that the seat stands, for example, on a meadow that ends at the horizon. By choosing the right graphics, we will decorate the walls of the living room, kitchen and bedroom.

3D wallpapers for the bedroom and living room

Living room and bedroom are the rooms that most often host 3D wallpapers on their walls. In the living room, the wallpaper task is usually to enlarge the interior optically, in the bedroom we focus on creating a climate conducive to relaxation and calmness.

3d wall murals are usually mounted on one selected wall. Most often it is the wall that we want to pay attention to, or the one that has the best dimension, i.e. the most free space. However, sometimes the wall mural is designed to divert attention from other, less attractive places that the interior has. Therefore, choosing a place for 3D wallpaper for the living room and bedroom should not be a coincidence. It is worth thinking carefully about what effect we want to achieve with this decoration.

Spatial wall murals - popular interior designs; bedroom, living room, kitchen or other selected room.

Three-dimensional wall murals can boast of a very large range of designs and colors.

For years, wall murals with landscape motifs have been at the top, especially spatial ones, i.e. the sea and mountains, but also panoramas of big cities. Such 3D wallpapers are treated as an additional window, especially when the 3D photo wallpaper is in a light tone. You can highlight it for a better effect.

Landscape 3D wall murals are most often chosen for the living room, while modern ones, representing architecture, are more often found in public buildings, offices and offices, where they play the role of the main decoration.

Wall murals are also very fashionable, because of their style they add a bit of space. Here we are talking primarily about 3D photo wallpaper designs depicting the interiors of various buildings, from contemporary ones to medieval chambers. Skillful use of such wall murals allows you to believe that it is enough to move to an adjacent room, which allows you to visually enlarge the space. Spatial photo wallpapers look interesting, on which you can see stairs running up. It is not much to believe that above our room is the entrance to the next room, which can be accessed at any time.

Floral and fauna themes also often appear on 3D wallpapers. This, in turn, is a way to decorate the interior and give it a specific character, without the effect of visual enlargement. Such wall murals are very often used in interiors decorated in the style of urban jungle. Here, both originally reproduced plants and animals are available, as well as their free variation seen through the eyes of a graphic artist. This solution will successfully decorate a modern interior. You can use our products in a modern bedroom or as a living room decoration. The possibilities of arranging 3D wall murals are infinitely many.

Space wallpapers depicting space can be used as a home arrangement. As a rule, they are dark, so they work best in large and bright living rooms, where they decorate one wall or in the bedroom - a room where the dimness is most in place. Printing of the highest quality 3D photo wallpapers will perfectly reflect even the smallest detail. 3D wallpapers will make every room get its original character.

A different effect will be obtained by choosing 3D wall murals with a geometric pattern. It's a kind of magical invitation to the world of illusion.

A different effect will be obtained by selecting 3D wall murals with a geometric pattern. It's a kind of magical invitation to the world of illusion.

3D wallpapers and the interior almost perfect - how to hide the shortcomings of the wall

3D wallpaper is an interesting way to mask the curvature on the wall. The interior of old houses may hide such shortcomings. Where it is impossible to "straighten" the wall, you can use the benefits of 3D photo wallpapers. For this purpose, rather small patterns, e.g. flowers, fruits, small animals or geometric patterns are recommended. Thanks to this simple procedure, you can easily divert attention from unevenness and direct it to completely different paths. We recommend 3D photo wallpaper printed on non-woven fabric to mask minor wall imperfections. Information on photo wallpaper materials includes products placed in our store.

You can also do the opposite - sticking on the uneven wall a photo wallpaper depicting e.g. an old wall will give the graphic credibility, and thus the effect will be considered intentional.

3D wallpapers "moving" - an original way to decorate the door

3D wall murals are usually associated with large-format decorations and as such hung mainly on the walls, less often on the ceilings. Meanwhile, 3D wall mural can successfully decorate the door. The condition is that it is made entirely of solid wood or board. There must be no glazed elements. Door wall murals are similar in style to 3D wallpapers. They are most often decorative, but here you can also use an optical illusion, turning "ordinary" doors, e.g. into a transition between buildings or a way to the beach.

3D Wallpapers - Material

Wall Mural Latex Premium €16.25 /m²

The choice of latex wallpaper will be appropriate for gluing onto surfaces such as drywall, traditional or concrete plaster and coats. Before gluing, ensure proper surface preparation. The wall should be cleaned and dried. The next step will be to prime it. If you do not follow these steps, you risk that all bumps and lumps will be visible after applying the photo wallpaper. In this condition we leave the wall to dry for 2 hours. The next step will be to glue the wallpaper with glue. Wait a moment and then stick the wall mural to the wall. Remember to press the photo wallpaper with a paint roller when gluing. Using a cloth or hand for this task may cause irreparable damage to the product. A solid laminate can be used to consolidate the effect. Latex slightly strengthens the material, so the process of gluing photo wallpaper will be much simpler than in the case of wallpaper made of billboard paper. When gluing wallpaper, remember to use the right amount of glue. Its excess can be removed with a damp cloth or sponge.

The most important features at a glance:

  • Print in HP Latex technology ensuring durability for years.
  • Intended use: living room, bedroom, hall, hotel, restaurant, conference room, public buildings.
  • Weight: 220g / m2.
  • Max. width of one roll 135 cm.

Wall mural on fleece (Super ECO) €19.35 /m²

The non-woven wall mural differs from the non-woven backing that creates the inner layer of the product. The outside is protected by a special foil. Their list of advantages is very long. Beginning with simple assembly, which does not require so-called "softening". The product does not shrink after installation. It is convenient to use and care for cleanliness. Washing with detergents does not affect the deterioration of their quality or color. Non-woven wall paper masks slight and precise damage on the wall. Small scratches are not a problem for her. This is a decoration worth investing once to enjoy its wonderful properties for years.

The most important features at a glance:

  • ❤️Super ecological, perfect for your child.
  • Print in HP Latex technology ensuring durability for years.
  • Purpose: living room, bedroom, kitchen, hall, children's room, hotel, restaurant, conference room, public buildings, schools, kindergartens, nurseries.
  • Weight: 270g / m2.
  • Max. one roll's width 105 cm.

Wall Mural Vinyl Exclusive €22.75 /m²

Vinyl wall murals have an extremely smooth finish. They are produced on a special non-woven backing, which is thicker than latex wall mural. The product is characterized by greater air permeability, thanks to which vinyl wall mural will be used in places with high humidity, such as a bathroom or kitchen. Vinyl wall mural is resistant to higher temperatures. We will stick it easily and cleanly. This is possible thanks to the non-woven undercoat used in its production. Prints on vinyl wall murals are odorless and do not contain harmful substances. If you change your mind and want to change the wall decoration with vinyl wallpaper you can do it the easy way. You can remove the product "in one stroke" from your wall.

The most important features at a glance:

  • Photo wallpaper Exclusive image structure Canvas . The highest quality for a demanding customer.
  • Photo wallpaper suitable for wet washing.
  • Print in HP Latex technology ensuring durability for years.
  • Purpose: For every room, including kitchen and bathroom .
  • Weight: 390g / m2.
  • Max. width of one roll 126 cm.

Wall mural Vinyl Wet €46.31 /m²

You can successfully mount your vinyl wallpaper on surfaces such as plasterboard, finishing coats, as well as concrete and traditional plasters. To get rid of the carcass smell, the newly produced wallpaper should be left loose for about two days. Traditionally, before gluing, the wall should be prepared by cleaning, drying and then priming. We dissolve the glue attached to the set according to the instructions included in the set. The solution should be mixed until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. In the place where you want to place the vinyl wallpaper, mark the vertical using a chalk line or a spirit level. You can stick the wallpaper evenly and easily. We put the prepared adhesive only on the wall. The next step will be applying the wallpaper and pressing it with a paint roller. As in other cases, wall mural is not glued with your hand. Such a procedure can lead to irreversible damage to the material. Vinyl wall mural costs more than others, however, the easy sticking process and the possibility of quick disassembly are great advantages. It's worth investing in these benefits!

The most important features at a glance:

  • Highest quality for a very demanding customer.
  • Included with the wallpaper is a special adhesive and a finishing layer (liquid tile) for wet rooms.
  • Photo wallpaper suitable for wet rooms such as bathroom and kitchen.
  • Print in HP Latex technology ensuring durability for years.
  • Intended use: Any room, including bathroom and kitchen.
  • Weight: 390g / m2.
  • Max. width of one roll 135 cm.

Wall mural KnStick (Self-adhesive) €26 /m²

Self-adhesive wallpaper is perfect for decorating smooth surfaces. These include glass, cabinet fronts, doors or tiles. It will decorate the surface and protect against future damage. The great advantage is the ability to peel off and change the position of the wallpaper multiple times. Its surface is shiny and smooth, which gives the impression of deeper color saturation. In addition, the self-adhesive wall mural can be protected with a special laminate, the so-called "liquid tile". The product will become resistant to moisture and mechanical damage. This process extends the life of the photo wallpaper. Her daily care and washing will become child's play.

The most important features at a glance:

  • The ability to peel off and change the wallpaper position multiple times.
  • Suitable for wet washing.
  • Intended use: living room, bedroom, hall, hotel, restaurant, conference room, public buildings.
  • Weight: 250g / m2.
  • Max. width of one roll 122 cm.

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The fashion for colorful wallpapers once returns, once passes. With it, the time comes either for gluing the material to the wall or removing the wallpaper. And while the first stage of work from the examples given, i.e. sticking wallpaper is quite pleasant, the wallpaper is not completely removed. How to deal with removing wallpaper from the wall? Here is our guide. You will go with it through the next stages of work: step by step.

3D Wallpapers