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Lamps for children

Lamps for children

Children's room lighting

The child's world is mainly concentrated in his home, and his unique place is the children's room. So it is worth taking care of the best conditions for fun and rest for our children. Not only furniture and decorations are an important part of a friendly interior, but also proper and properly selected lighting for children . We will choose them differently for a newborn's or baby's room, and a bit differently for a few-year-old child. However, regardless of the choice, the most important aspect is the safety of use. This means that there is no access to a power source - a socket, battery compartment and it is located above the reach of children's hands, especially the youngest. The imagination of toddlers definitely exceeds the limits of adults' imaginations, therefore simple safety rules will ensure that there are no accidents.

Lighting for children of different ages and different "light" needs

Children of different ages have different light intensity needs. Due to the greater sensitivity of eyesight, a newborn baby will feel better under soft, even semi-dark lighting. Small bedside lamps and wall lamps located further away from the cot are perfect here. For older children, for whom the room is a playground, it is good to illuminate the room in a way similar to the daytime one. Here it is important to choose a bulb - preferably a milky-colored soft and diffused light. As for the power of the light source, it should be remembered that it should be greater the darker the color of the walls in the room. For school-age children, the place of study, i.e. the desk, is also important. It is best if it has access to natural daylight, but appropriate desk lamps should come to the rescue. Their arrangement should provide illumination of the entire working surface of the worktop, and their construction should protect against glare, too intense light.

Give your child light in various ways

The basis for lighting in a child's room should be a ceiling lamp or a ceiling lamp of small dimensions, preferably dimmable. It can be complemented by atmospheric side lighting with a well-thought-out position in relation to the place of sleep, care or play. We mean wall lamps and small night lamps or even projectors projecting stars or other eye-friendly illuminations on the ceiling. A practical solution when installing a suspended ceiling is to plan several lighting zones, switched on by separate switches. You can also use popular LED strips stuck in several strategic places.

Children's lamps stimulate the imagination

Lamps in a children's room should not only serve as lighting. It is undoubtedly worthwhile for them to be a coherent element of interior design, but also to please our children. It is good to buy colorful and eye-catching lamps - in expressive or pastel colors. The creativity of the producers allows you to match children's preferences expressed in various shapes - animals, vehicles or fairy-tale characters - to specific types of lamps such as wall lamps, spotlights, desk lamps to diversify and stimulate children's imagination.

Lamps for children