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Lamps for children

Lamps for children

Kids Lights, colourful, fun and SAFE lights for kids 

The child's world is mostly focused around the house but it's special place is it's room. It is important that kids  have the best conditions to play and have fun. Not only are furnishing and decorations major when planning a child's room but also the the lighting you install. The lighting will be different when you have a newborn baby and few years older toddler. Un of the age safety is crucial when choosing the right lamps.That also includes keeping sockets and batteries out of kids reach. 

Lighting for Kids at different ages

Children need different light intensity depending on their age. A newborn because of its greater sensitivity   of the eyes will need a more subtle light. A good solution for this will be to buy night lamps and wall lights. For a bit older kids which mostly spend their time playing in the room, the lighting should be as close to day light as possible in which case you'll want to focus on the bulb which you choose. Whereas the power of the light bulb should be bigger the darker the child's room walls are. For children going to school their desk becomes an important place in their room. Of course when they're doing their homework they need good lighting.       

The basis for lighting in the children's room should be a pendant or ceiling light, preferably with a dimming function. A nice complement to it may be a wall light or a night lamp or even projectors displaying different shapes such as animals, stars.

Lamps for kids trigger creativity 

Lamps in a kids room not only illuminate the interior. Many lamps are made in different shapes of animals, vehicles or movie characters which will meet their expectations.

Lamps for children