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SLV Lights

The SLV company from Übach-Palenberg in North Rhine-Westphalia was founded on the lighting market over 30 years ago. A wide range of products provides individual lighting solutions for residential and outdoor environments. Like complete high voltage or low voltage lighting systems for building stores and fairs. SLV offers its clients modern design combined with innovative technology at a reasonable price.

SLV ceiling lights

The SLV ceiling lamp from a German manufacturer brings satisfaction with its minimalist design. It consists of a flat cylindrical body, the bottom of which is covered with a glass sheet. The light shines through the glass and is distributed in the room in a subtle way. It creates a pleasant atmosphere in every room. The LED light can also be dimmed, so the desired intensity of a large light source can be easily adjusted. The SLV ceiling lamp body is covered on the side with a lightweight textile material that has an attractive structure. As a result, the lamp refers to the vintage style.

Hanging lamp SLV

SLV pendant lamp is extremely modern. It has high-quality details, such as a silver colored ceiling clip, a textile cable and a high-gloss finish, all together elegantly completes the whole. The built-in E27 socket enables installation based on needs, for example thanks to energy-saving LED bulbs. SLV pendant lamp with a direct lighting effect fits perfectly both fashionable and classic lines of equipment and looks great in various living areas and public spaces. In addition to a single installation, there are also effective combinations with other hanging lamps from this collection.

SLV lamps

The German producer SLV has created the sconce as decorative and effective lighting for staircases or individual rooms. The frusto-conical luminaire with bracket is made of high quality white plaster and steel. The light emission is directed stiff down and emits directly LED light without radiance. The combination of wall lamps in a group looks particularly elegant, for example arranged side by side in the corridor, slightly shifted in the stairwell or in the area of stairway balustrades. Built-in LEDs are durable and energy-saving, so that they provide a pleasant light experience, full comfort and optimal lighting effect.

The slim and timeless SLV wall lamp distinguishes itself with sophisticated elegance. The body of steel, textiles and polystyrene fits discreetly, but perfectly in any living space and has a streamlined design and a subtle selection of colors. Two shades, one of which is directed up and one down, provide a harmonious play of warm light and create an atmosphere of well-being. Integrated switches allow switching both the upper and lower light separately, so you can get the light with the desired light effects. As a result, you can apply direct and indirect lighting to give stylish accents in any room.

SLV luminaires

The SLV recessed ceiling luminaire convinces with a simple but effective design of braided circular elements. The round LED module radiates in the center of the luminaire. It is firmly connected to a narrow, white ring. This construction is framed by another white aluminum ring, which is slightly wider and stylishly closes the recessed ceiling light. While the outer ring is fixed flat to the ceiling, the lamp head can be turned in the middle. The light is emitted directly into the environment with a beam angle of 30˚. The LED module is installed in the luminaire and works very energy efficiently. The ceiling luminaire has a high degree of protection IP 44 , which means it is moisture-proof and can be successfully installed in the bathroom.

Thanks to the rectangular wall mounted SLV, you can create a pleasant atmosphere outside. High quality garden light in a modern silver-gray color inspires a combination of indirect and direct light distribution. Installation in the wall creates a variety of applications. This model has built-in LED lamps that are characterized by energy efficiency and long life. In daylight, the LEDs shine brightly and harmoniously, so that the outside area is well-lit. The lamp housing is made of aluminum and already has the required LED driver. The model meets the requirements of a high degree of protection IP54 for outdoor luminaires.