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Plant stands

Plant stands

Flowers bring life and harmony to the space. The greenery of plants perfectly calms down, soothes emotions after the whole day and improves general well-being. Each plant needs a different level of sunlight and ambient temperature, which is why it is so important to properly illuminate and arrange the plants in the house. Thanks to properly selected industrial plant stands, the plants will bloom beautifully and grow vigorously, decorating the home with perfectly young leaves and pleasing the eye with beautiful flowers.

New version of the plant stands.

Until recently, every plant on the balcony had its own decorative pot, and steel flower beds were not so popular, but this style has changed in recent years. A flower stand is one of the essential accessories in the home of a vegetation lover. Flower beds allow you to create modern flower arrangements in an unlimited way, combining various species of plants into amazing arrangements.

A metal loft plant stand or a golden plant stand?

By using modern plant stands for the living room, you can very quickly create a standing miniature garden in your home. Simple loft plant stands are used with tall houseplants. Gold-colored plant stands, often with artistic metal decorations, blend well with abundantly flowering plants of various colors, which makes the plant stand an artistic addition in our interior.

Wall mounted plant holders.

Beautiful plants that need more light should be placed higher so that the sun's rays illuminate them as long as possible. In order for them to grow well and bloom beautifully for a long time, it is worth using a wall plant stand made of metal for them, which will make the plants a beautiful interior decoration. Plant stands are an ideal solution when plants are an important element of interior design. Wall models can be found in our offer for modern interiors. You can choose the type of plant stand for your home from many products for your home and patio.

Industrial plant stands.

Durability and solidity of workmanship, and at the same time light structure and pots - these are the features of metal plant stands. Currently, they are one of the most frequently chosen types of plant stands, because they are perfect for modern interiors. Metal is subtle and delicate, and with cascading levels made of it, it goes well with plants with beautifully long vines. They are also very good equipment for winter gardens and terraces. Their elegant form looks great in industrial-style interior arrangements. This product will work in the bedroom, living room.

Plant stands - Reviews about products

Metal flower stand for four flowers METALLO 112cm White LOFT
October 12, 2022
The flowerbed sensationally fit into my interior, the quality of workmanship first class.

Metal flower stand LUX flower stand 80x40cm black box LOFT
October 12, 2022
I am delighted, great design!

Metal flower stand LUX flower stand 80x60cm black box LOFT
October 10, 2022
Flowerbed a revelation!!!

Metal plant stand METALLO 80cm black LOFT
September 11, 2022
I recommend, flowerbed solidly made.

Metal flower stand CUBO 80x60cm black loft box
August 13, 2022
I recommend, the flowerbed is really great!!!

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Plant stands