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Lunares Lights Lunares Lights

Lunares lamps

Lamps have accompanied us, people, for centuries. They continue to do so, proving their usefulness almost at every step. Like the wheel. Is it possible, however, to come up with a new wheel? No. Can you come up with a lamp again? Outstanding designers from the Lunares studio prove that yes, you can. Then they introduce Luna Ball balls for sale. Just! A revolution that nobody expected. A story like from movies.

Garden balls Luna Ball

Luna Ball balls are a top achievement in the field of applied art. Never before has everyday life seemed so beautiful. Only the Lunares lamps were able to bring out the splendid splendor of lamps from the darkness of history, by showing the world their work: LUNA BALL spheres. Luna Ball balls are a fresh and exceptionally innovative approach to decorating the room. The ball's shape, perfect in its simplicity and universality, means that regardless of the layout of the furniture and the design of the interior, LUNA Ball balls will always appear in their best possible form. Available in various sizes, they can be both a diversifying accent and an essential element in interior design. However, Luna Ball balls are, of course, primarily equipment for the garden. There is their natural environment, that's where they feel best. There was once a saying: feel like a fish in the water . This saying has evolved under the influence of Lunares lamps, and now it sounds: feel like Luna Ball in the garden . A better recommendation seems unnecessary ...

Decorative Luna Fire Globe bulb

Decorative Luna Fire Globe bulb is a proposal for dynamic people. Young body or spirit. This extraordinary, effectively designed bulb brightens up the room with the entire spectrum of colors, bringing the northern lights to the sky or highlighting the starry galaxy. Lunares lamps have never been as complete as after presenting Fire Globe. Fireworks outside the window? Boredom. Now in fashion there are fireworks in bulbs!

Japanese Tokyo pendant lamp

Industrial and loft lamps do not have to be boring, and their style refers to standards known for decades. Lunares lamps are proof of this. A perfectly designed combination of elegant black with dynamic red give this hanging lighting a unique charm. Despite the name, not only restaurants offering sushi and Japanese cuisine will appreciate the charm of this offer. It will be appreciated by everyone who sees something more in everyday objects than an ordinary routine.

Lunares - Reviews about products

A set of decorative garden balls - Luna Balls 25, 30, 40 cm + Led Bulbs
November 23, 2021
Thanks for your comment. we have added the ability to select an additional cable when purchasing the product.

Triple pendant lamp for the kitchen BUCKET E27 60W black / gold
July 20, 2021
Thanks for sharing this precious information with us.

A set of decorative garden balls - Luna Balls 20, 25, 30, 40 cm + Led Bulbs
July 18, 2021
The balls are made of durable plastic, because even when i was carried away by a very strong wind, it was not damaged. they have been shining day in and day out for over a year now and still look just as good.

Garden lamp Luna ball 30 cm, decorative sphere, shining garden ball, white, gloss
May 11, 2021
I started with two and ended with six. i recommend

Lighting pole - (200cm) for lanterns and LUNA bullets
April 26, 2021
Hello, we do not offer elements that allow you to connect two such poles with each other. the column is already 2m long, so i would be worried about its stability when connected. the inner diameter of the pole measured with a ruler at 9 ° c is 55mm +/- 1mm.

Lunares Lights Lunares Lights