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OSRAM / Ledvance Lamps OSRAM / Ledvance Lamps

The German company OSRAM manufactures lighting products that are very well-known and popular on the world market. Like all electrical products of this company, they have a high degree of reliability, safety and excellent quality. The company has long-awaited fruit for years to work on gaining market for the sale of lighting equipment, now OSRAM's electrical products are known and trusted all over the world.

OSRAM bulbs

Opal bulb OSRAM CLASSIC A 40W, E27 opaque with a luminous flux: 415 lm, has a small light source. OSRAM bulb designed for various compact decorative frames, elegant pear-shaped, with a matte bulb. It is used for indoor use, reduces the glare effect and smoothes out the contrast of shadows. Designed to create a cozy and comfortable environment, including interior decoration in residential and non-residential premises, restaurants, hotels, exhibition halls.

Light bulb OSRAM CLASSIC A 40W, E27, transparent with luminous flux: 415 lm. The bulb emits bright, beautiful light, gives a lot of heat, has a lifetime of at least 1000 hours. It is a universal light source with a wide range of applications in residential and non-residential premises, including interiors of restaurants, hotels, exhibition halls, large offices and stores.

OSRAM DECOR A GOLD 40W E27 light bulb with luminous flux: 400 lm. A special, pear-shaped elegant bulb with a gold dome cover is used to decorate interiors, including residential premises as well as in restaurants, hotels, exhibition halls, large offices and stores.

OSRAM fluorescent lamps

Fluorescent fluorescent lamp OSRAM L 18W / 950 G13 COLOR PROOF 590 mm daylight. Fluorescent lamp It is used where there is a need to compare and check the colors of illuminated objects. It emits a small luminous flux, it can be used, for example, in a dentist's office, photographic laboratory, printing house, gallery.

OSRAM NATURA T8 L 15 / W / 76 fluorescent lamp. The average lifetime of a fluorescent lamp is 20,000 hours. Specially adapted light distribution makes the products look fresh and tasty. The area of application of the fluorescent lamps are: bakeries, meat factories, meat stores, supermarkets. It is ideal for the food industry.

Ledvance / OSRAM

The German company Ledvance was founded by the lighting company OSRAM and is currently owned by the Chinese lighting company MLS Co., LTD. LEDVANCE is a completely new brand in the lighting industry, the company is a descendant of the OSRAM lighting company and operates in 120 countries.

The following products are associated with LEDVANCE :

For wholesale, retail and retail customers

  • LED light bulbs
  • Lamps - high-intensity light beam, halogen, compact fluorescent lamp
  • Ready standard LED lamps to trade LEDVANCE
  • Sales of lighting control systems, LED modules, controllers and ballasts for OSRAM

For private users.

  • LED light bulbs
  • Lamps - high-intensity light beam, halogen, compact fluorescent lamp
  • Products for a smart home
  • LED lights.