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Ares Illumination Lights Ares Illumination Lights

The Italian Ares factory is in the top five global leaders in the lighting market, focusing on the production of high quality street lamps for architectural lighting, landscape lighting and parks.

ARES lamps - recessed

Ares lamps are a standard of lighting equipment for professional architectural and landscape lighting. If someone applies this product to the implementation of an external lighting project once, they will understand that they have made an investment contribution to the aesthetics and uniqueness of the object.

An example is the recessed Ares luminaire for outdoor installation on a wall or in the ground. This device has a comfortable square shape and is made with a built-in installation method. The material of the body is aluminum casting with a low content of copper impurities, which results in high strength of the product. To protect against corrosion, the outer casing layer has a double polymer coating of epoxy resin and polyester that is made on the Ares lamp using the powder conversion method.

IP67 protection against dust and moisture is achieved thanks to a reliable silicone gasket. The diffuser can be equipped with both transparent and matt toughened glass. ARES creates lighting technology with an inseparable European quality. The lamp series occupies an important place among the company's devices, which have a unique construction, because it applies to built-in luminaires for wall mounting. Ares lamp is designed for street lighting or decorative lighting. It gives a uniform stream of light and the direction of distraction allows you to forget about the blinding effect.

Ares lamps are an example of a combination of innovative energy-saving technologies and harmonious design. The luminous flux emitted by the matt shade of tempered glass has a downward direction. It ensures soft and even lighting of neighboring buildings and completely eliminates the risk of glare.

Ares wall lamps - external

Architectural wall lighting, which gives the whole picture and is a functional element of the lighting system, is of great importance in recent years. The Ares wall lamp is a great example of architectural lighting. The unique design of this model is enough to understand the depth of skills of Italian engineers who created this lighting device.

Another example is the ARES wall lamp made in a universal cylindrical shape and designed for static mounting on a wall or column. In this case, the light rays may spread in one or two opposite directions. A flawless construction based on a cast aluminum alloy is considered the most durable and light at the same time, which greatly simplifies the installation procedure. To protect against corrosion, the casing has a polymer coating that is applied by chemical conversion of the powder and prevents the destruction of metal on the street. Due to the high degree of protection IP54, the luminaire is able to withstand the penetration of water and dust indefinitely, while maintaining its functionality and excellent optical properties.

In the field of architectural lighting products, Ares wall lamps are highly valued for the optimal balance between light efficiency and aesthetics. ARES engineers have adopted a number of design solutions that provide durable, safe and easy-to-use lamps. With relatively small sizes, devices can produce strong lighting with a large area. Ares outdoor lamps are a reliable device for lighting gates, decorative constructions, stairs and balconies.

If it is required to create façade lighting, you can choose a wall lamp that has a matt glass and creates a diffused light beam. Modification of the focusing lens, capable of creating a narrow directional beam, has been introduced.

Ares reflector - standing

The largest version of the Ares series of headlamps is designed for architectural or decorative outdoor lighting. Depending on the modification, the reflector can contain 6 or 9 LED modules, each of which has a capacity of 2 watts. This low energy consumption makes the headlamp an extremely efficient and economical device.

The Ares reflector was created with the use of LED diodes and is widely used for decorative lighting of buildings, as well as in the interior lighting of halls, lobbies, hallways and other rooms. Round glass diffuser with a high degree of transparency creates a surprisingly bright image of the rich color palette on the illuminated object, a favorable solution for modern lighting.