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Lampa ogrodowa stojaca suma cube aluminium 58 cm l

Lampa Ogrodowa Stojąca SUMA CUBE aluminium 58 cm

December 14, 2019

Super contact with the seller - i recommend shopping in this store - snapper62

~ lucjan62

Slupek oswietleniowy elis to 3902 h 650 bl wysokosc 65 cm l

Słupek oświetleniowy Elis TO 3902-H 650 BL wysokość 65 cm

December 10, 2019

Good product quality, i recommend this store, sabina

~ savin

Slupek oswietleniowy city 11836 r 99 cm l

Słupek oświetleniowy City 11836 R 99 cm

November 12, 2019

Fast service and specific contact with the seller. i rate 5. magda

~ magda

Slupek oswietleniowy form yb19502 l

Słupek oświetleniowy FORM YB19502

November 10, 2019

Excellent product quality, i recommend this online store

~ joasia52

Slupek oswietleniowy fan gl 11205 ciemny popiel led 80 cm l

Słupek oświetleniowy FAN GL 11205 ciemny popiel LED 80 cm + żarówka LED

November 08, 2019

Buying this item is a great decision, i recommend this store

~ joasiai21

SUMA - Producer of garden lamps - lanterns and outdoor lighting.

SUMA, which is over 20 years on the Polish market, gives a 3-year warranty for products, as well as products have certificates of compliance with the relevant European standards. The company provides instant order processing.

SUM - What does the company have to offer?

The company manufactures outdoor lighting including garden lamps, among which one can distinguish:

    - SUMA wall lamps (Classical and modern - selection depending on the nature and function of the object to be met. Mounted on the facades of buildings)
    - SUMA mast lamps (standing, fixed to the ground in green areas using the foundation and hard floors without the use of foundations)
    - SUM headlights (Mounted directly by digging the lamp into the ground.) Hardened head protects against damaging the lamp under a high load)
All external lamps, including SUM's garden lanterns, will light up any plots, thus emphasizing the originality and spatial harmony of the garden, needed in every space.

SUMA - Manufacture of lighting fittings

SUMA is a manufacturer of lighting fittings, which are made exclusively of aluminum alloys and stainless steel. Resistance to weather conditions of products made of aluminum alloys gives a high quality protective and decorative coating obtained from decorative paint. Garden lamps SUMA is the perfect way to diversify your garden while emphasizing the originality of the surroundings and its grace.

SU-MA Outdoor Lights