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Murano Due Lights Murano Due Lights

Properly chosen lamps are one of the easiest and most attractive ways to emphasize the beauty of any interior.

Sculpting with light

The light shapes the shapes and forms around us. It determines the texture and color, it also has a powerful effect on our moods. The lamp's light not only makes it easier for us to move around in the interior. It is also the decoration of the apartment, brings out beautiful objects and details from the darkness, opens and closes spaces, sculpts interiors and in a thousand ways allows us to enjoy the home.

Moody lamps Murano Due ...

... how rare that will work in building home magic. With modern production techniques they combine the centuries-old tradition of noble craftsmanship from Murano, the famous glass lagoon near Venice. Today, old lamps and chandeliers manufactured by glass blowers from Venetian islets have the status of works of art. And contemporary students of old masters continue this tradition. In new designs, there is still first-class quality glass (still hand-blown), and the exquisite design is characterized by a timeless elegance.

The original Murano Due chandeliers not only illuminate our house in a moody way. These are also beautiful objects that please your eyes, delight with a sophisticated form. It was thanks to such decorative lamps that the belief that the lighting can be used to create a poetic interior was born. They complement the decor of the house and acquire a new value in this context - they become intriguing sculptural objects in the interiors. They are just as beautiful when they burn and when they are extinguished.

Colorful Murano Due wall lamps ...

... will allow you to relax in the evening. We like to turn off the upper light and use only the wall, which fills the air with a soft, reflected light. Wall lamps look best when composing them in pairs, for example on both sides of a window or fireplace, or even groups, even on the couch.

Murano Due's beneficiaries allow us to choose among the most diverse designs of wall lamps - from classically elegant to truly modern, with abstract shapes. Such lighting is exceptionally well suited to living rooms, but not only. Mounted in the corridors and stairs provides a greater sense of security. It is also an element that adds beauty to the dining room, where it can be an additional source of light at the table.

And finally advice: when you go to the store for a decorative lamp, do not decide hastily and always watch it when it shines. Do not choose typical, patterned patterns, but choose something truly original. Even in the most humble, uninteresting room, one lamp in the form is enough to take on magic.