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Ceiling fixtures

Ceiling fixtures

Surface-mounted luminaires well-chosen will emphasize the beauty of our interiors and introduce the desired mood. They can be the only lighting in the room as well as being a perfect complement to other reflectors.

Types of ceiling fittings

You can not unambiguously answer which binding will be the best, because it largely depends on the type of room and the vision of people who will be their users. Before making a choice, however, you should know the basic types of ceiling luminaires:

  • Surface mounted ceiling fixture: easy to mount by fixing to the surface. They are suitable for all types of rooms due to their resistance to water. We can choose from many decorative variants. If we do not have a specific plan, we are not able to make a choice or we always put on universality, it will certainly be a good choice.
  • Flush-mounted ceiling luminaire: It is more difficult to mount than a surface-mounted luminaire. It takes up little space due to the lack of protruding elements. A very good solution for low rooms and if we want to create effective "light paths" on the ceiling. This works particularly well in single-storey houses, although there is no obstacle to create such a path, for example, only from the bedroom to the bathroom or between the children's rooms. It is worth to put on a three-phase system.
  • Recessed ceiling luminaire: in this variant, we can talk about an almost level surface between the lamps and the ceiling. It works as a discreet illumination of specific elements, but not necessarily as general lighting.
  • Glass ceiling luminaire: definitely has a higher price, but not without a reason. No other frame will add as much chic and elegance as glass or crystal. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that not every salon must be created on the model of an ancient aristocracy. If you want a warm, friendly interior, better to put on a different type of fittings.

Selection of ceiling fittings

The first element to which we should pay attention is the material from which the binding is made. We can distinguish:

  • Glass fittings
  • Aluminum fittings
  • Steel fittings

If you are looking for a solid solution at a low price, it is worth to bet on steel. An additional advantage is a variety of color variants. Decorative functions will certainly be good for luminaires made of aluminum in many types of shapes due to the softness of the raw material. Here we also have the opportunity to choose the color that interests us. Glass fixtures are worth booking for decorative living rooms or corridors. It is worth paying attention to the thickness of the glass.

Surface-mounted luminaires in rooms

We can assume that surface-mounted luminaires will work in any type of room. As the main light sources can be used in the bathroom, bedroom and small hallways. When it comes to rooms with larger areas, it is worth using them as an addition. The kitchen can be placed near the eaves. In the living room it is worth using them to display, for example, your favorite image or collection of trinkets. A good place for ceiling-mounted luminaires is also rooms with low ceilings, eg basements or storage spaces.

Ceiling fixtures