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Germicidal Lamps

Germicidal Lamps

Where is it worth installing a germicidal lamp?

Thanks to the use of short-wave UVC radiation, germicidal lamps are an integral part of equipment in hospitals and other health care facilities. Due to their action, they are perfect for places where there is a risk of accumulation of pathogenic organisms, and where a high degree of air purity is required. UVC radiation used in medical lamps reduces the risk of droplet infection thanks to the sterilization of indoor air.

Benefits of using UV germicidal lamps

Room disinfection with short-wave UV radiation is used more and more often. It protects both patients and medical staff. The reason for this method is the lack of human labor, which significantly increases the convenience and saves time. Not only does the reduced use of chemicals have a positive effect on the environment, it also reduces costs.

Disinfecting lamps and the impact on health

Germicidal lamps should be used with certain safety rules. The biocidal action of these devices has an impact on the human body, therefore direct contact with radiation should be avoided. Most disinfection lamps should not be turned on if there are people and animals in the room, as there is a risk of skin and conjunctival burns. The use of devices in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations will allow for effective and safe disinfection.

Types of virucidal lamps available

Bacterial and virucidal lamps affect the DNA of pathogenic pathogens, preventing them from multiplying. Due to the mode of operation, lamps are distinguished: Flow-through - they clean the air by drawing it in and passing it through the filter. They can be used in rooms where there are people, dual-function flow - have an additional external radiator, which should be activated in a room where nobody is present, with direct effect - in which the fluorescent lamp is placed outside. This type of lamp requires people to leave the illuminated room absolutely.

Air sterilizer - not only in hospitals

The presence of pathogens is not just confined to the walls of healthcare facilities. Household air sterilizers will increase the comfort and safety of people for whom bacterial and viral infections are a particular threat. Easy to use and quiet in operation, they effectively clean the air from dust, allergens, bacteria and viruses. They will also work in offices, workplaces and all other premises where people often stay.