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Overhead Lamps

The overrun lamps are usually installed in the ground, between the finish of the driveway. This type of outdoor lighting contains LED diodes, thanks to which they provide users with energy savings. The name of this type of lighting indicates that you can drive cars on them without damaging them, so they are used in garages, sidewalks and alleys.

What are the overhead lamps?

The overrun lamps are very tight thanks to the high degree of protection, which is usually IP67. Such features make it possible to mount these outdoor luminaires in all weather conditions. By choosing these products, you can ensure perfect lighting of the area leading from the entrance to the property to the garage or to the door of the building.

Overrun lamps are distinguished by different power and interesting forms. Luminaires are also called ground lamps due to the way they are mounted and used. The most common on the market are smaller sizes such as: can height: 13.5, can diameter: 10 / 7.2, but you can often find larger inrun luminaires with a diameter of 22.5 cm. Depending on the optimal luminous flux, the appropriate size and power of the external luminaire must be selected.

Functional driveway luminaires

The most common driveway luminaires have a light source directed upwards, but you can also buy lamps in which the angle of incidence of light can be adjusted. When looking for outdoor lighting, the largest load tolerated by the drive-on luminaire should be taken into account.

People who already have inrun luminaires on their property appreciate their value and functionality. When looking for savings in electricity bills, you can choose lamps with a built-in motion sensor that activate only in certain situations. Modern drive-on luminaires are now available in stores and can be adapted to suit the terrain and landscape design.

High-quality materials used for the production of the luminaires ensure not only excellent durability and long use, but also the decoration of the area around the house and garden. Each user can achieve the visual effect they intended and enjoy the safety provided by overhead lamps. Thanks to these fittings, you can perfectly illuminate the entrance gate, garage, as well as any area of the garden and home area.

Examples of practical and effective overhead lamps

A recessed LED lamp from the excellent Italian company Ares can be mounted on the wall or in the ground, giving the desired light beam in each case. The luminaire made of plastic and stainless steel in chrome and a tempered glass coating is a highly durable product. For the better sealing of the lamp, the manufacturer used a silicone gasket and screws, which together resulted in a high degree of protection of IP 67. Moisture, dust, frost and snow do not pose a threat to its efficient operation. The luminaire has a small size, which makes it resistant to low vehicle traffic.

Another Ares product is the overrun lamp made of die-cast aluminum, with a sand-blasted or transparent diffuser. Protection against rust is ensured by a two-layer coating and everything gives the IP67 protection degree, which means that the luminaire can be used in the garden in all environmental conditions.

When looking for interesting design solutions, you can choose a square-shaped overhead lamp that can be mounted both on the wall and in the ground. The phosphor-chromated luminaire does not protrude above the surface, it has toughened glass with a silicone gasket. High tightness of the overrun lamp with IP67 allows it to be used in all weather conditions. Such a luminaire has a maximum load of up to 2000 kg.

If necessary, overhead lamps with a maximum load of 3500 kg can be used. Sand-blasted anodized aluminum and the tightness of the luminaire IP67 guarantee its high quality. On the other hand, to illuminate trees, shrubs, walls and a house, the LED overrun lamp made of aluminum, stainless steel and tempered glass with an upper and lower diameter of 10 / 7.2 will be appropriate. The round LED driveway lamp with a light dispersion angle of 25 degrees has a warm white light and perfectly illuminates the walls, driveway and paths. This type of lamp can also be purchased in a square frame.

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Overhead Lamps