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Living Room Lights

Lighting in the living room isn't only for decorative functions but more importantly for illuminating purposes. Many architects and experts suggest that in the living room or dining room the main lamp has a shade on it and should be placed above the table. In addition, they should have the function of height adjustment. Light should fall on the entire table - if it has a width of 120 cm, the lamp should hang 50 cm above the top, over a larger - 80 cm. In our shop you will find a wide selection of such lighting. When choosing the right lighting for the living room you can suggest the following scheme:

- For a round table choose a lamp with a round shade. It should be hung centrally above the table.

- For a square table we recommend placing several lamps of the same square shape. 

To optimize the light output, we recommend choosing lamps that have a built-in dimmer. This is one of many ways to increase the energy efficiency of our light sources.