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Modern lamps

Modern lamps

What are modern lamps?

Modern lamps are a very general concept and, in fact, everyone can find their own definition. The concept of 'modernity' has many contradictions. On the one hand, we focus on simple solutions, while the next time we let ourselves be carried away by fantasy and decide on very fancy solutions. In all this madness, we can distinguish several features that can be specifically attributed to the modern style.

Is minimalism modern?

Definitely yes! In these times, we are tired of fancy decorations and unconventional solutions. It is much better and simpler to choose a minimalist interior, which will be easier to maintain and organize. Modern lamps will perfectly complement the minimalist style of the interior. Lamps of this type can perfectly add character and diversify the space. In our store you can find many interesting, but minimalistic lighting solutions that fit the style of modern lamps .

Subdued colors, or bold colors?

And here I will surprise you .. Both answers fit into the modern style. Modern interiors are minimalist but not boring. Strong colors will perfectly enliven and give character to the interior. Modern lamps with strong colors will be the perfect contrast for bright rooms, which we want to give color. On the other hand, lamps in bright and calm colors, such as white, can cool down and tone down the entire atmosphere of the interior.

Do the fancy patterns also fit in with the modern style?

Yes! Modern style has many contradictions. On the one hand, minimalism, on the other hand, interesting and bold solutions. Lamps with original shapes and patterns are definitely included in the collection of modern lamps. They will stimulate and diversify the interior and give it a unique atmosphere.

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Fabbian Illuminazione lighting cubetto plafon

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The Fabbian Illuminazione company was founded in 1961. With time, the manufacturer has gained a reputation and respect in lighting markets around the world. The manufacturer’s offer includes modern lamps, made of the highest quality components and designed by the most creative designers. Currently, the Fabbian brand is sold in Europe and Asia through company stores and intermediaries, and its sister companies operate in the markets in the United States and Hong Kong.

Modern lamps