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Outdoor Lights and Garden Lamps

Outdoor Lights and Garden Lamps

Harmony in landscape design cannot be achieved without the help of light: properly placed garden lamps will protect the space in the garden and emphasize its natural beauty. There are two main types of lighting that can be used in garden lighting design. Bright, directional light creates the main light, and soft light scatters the light additionally, carrying a decorative function. There are cheap garden lamps on the market that perfectly illuminate the surrounding landscape and bring decorative elements to it.

Use of outdoor lighting

Both in classic and modern private gardens and public places, garden lighting is used to illuminate:

  • Garden paths
  • Rock gardens, stone compositions
  • Sculptures and garden figures
  • Flower beds and flower beds
  • Open porches and gazebos
  • Decorative pools and ponds.

By combining the main light and the accent light, you can get a holistic view of the space, drawing attention to the most successful and original solutions and obscuring the least attractive corners of the garden.

Garden lighting - what to pay attention to?

As with any other form, in the field of landscape lighting, there are a number of subtleties and rules that facilitate the process of selecting and designing a ready-made outdoor lighting system.

Outdoor lighting and security

Garden lamps should have reliable grounding . This requirement is mandatory for garden lamps made of metal (or other electrically conductive material). In the case of lamps made of plastic, which is an insulator, grounding is not necessary because such housing of the outdoor luminaire does not conduct electricity.

For safety reasons, it is also worth considering the use of low-voltage lamps . It is a safe solution even if the luminaire itself or its power cord is damaged. We can use low-voltage power in the case of dedicated low-voltage lighting or any garden lamp with a replaceable light source. Garden lighting with a replaceable light source allows us to use a low-voltage bulb (preferably LED), but requires the use of a power supply at the beginning of the installation. When designing low-voltage garden lighting, it is necessary to take into account the voltage drops in the case of a long power cord (with lengths of more than several dozen meters) and solve this problem accordingly, e.g. by using a regulated voltage power supply, using alternating current (lower voltage drops), using a converter.

Security. Installation in the open air allows only dustproof and waterproof models of luminaires. The body of the garden lamp should be sealed and made of corrosion-resistant materials. The degree of IP protection informs us about the tightness of the garden lamp. We assume that LED garden lamps, as well as ordinary lamps, are safe for outdoor use with a protection degree of at least IP44 . They are not hermetic lamps, but they protect electrical components against rain and weather conditions, and their construction allows water to drain away thanks to gravity.

Ideally, cables for powering the outdoor lighting system should be laid even at the stage of construction works, then there is no risk of damaging green areas. In practice, design in advance is often impossible for several reasons, but there is still no absolute need to dig your favorite lawn. LED garden lights powered by solar cells have taken a significant part of the market.

Garden lighting - choosing the right light source

In order for the garden not to be turned into a stadium covered with vegetation, preference should be given to lamps with soft diffused light. For decorative lighting of a garden or house, LED bulbs with a power of 2W to 5W are enough. The use of a more powerful light source will create a glare effect and looking at a garden lamp with a higher power source used will be a difficult experience for the eyes.

The situation is different in the case of garden lanterns , which are mounted high, where their purpose is to illuminate what is under them, i.e. the garden, path, driveway, road, park. High floor lamps are equipped with LED light sources from 9W up, up to 50W or even 150W in street lighting.

Modern garden lighting - replaceable or integrated LED light source?

Modern garden lamps are available in two variants:

  • with an integrated LED light source
  • or without a light source.

Contrary to appearances, the latter solution has many advantages, because it means that you have to choose and buy the right light source from among a wide range of products (which the Lunares store staff will be happy to help), but it also means that it is a replaceable light source . The interchangeability of the light source is invaluable when such a light source is damaged and it is necessary to replace it. Thanks to the interchangeability of the light source, it is enough to simply replace the bulb and the garden lamp is repaired and lights up again. In the case of integrated LED light sources, it is often necessary to replace the entire lamp in the event of a failure.

Modern outdoor lamps are often offered with integrated LED light sources . Which also has many advantages: the light source is optimally selected for a given lamp, so that the customer is not responsible for the selection of the bulb. The use of integrated sources allows producers to offer products with any contoured shape of the luminous element itself, thanks to which they can offer more sophisticated garden lighting. It is worth paying attention to the quality aspect and whether the offered lighting has the possibility to replace the bulb provided by the manufacturer, as well as for the warranty period, because in the event of damage to the non-replaceable light source, we must replace the entire garden lamps.

Garden lamps: types

Online store catalogs offer thousands of products that allow you to design your garden and home lighting. Outdoor lighting is divided into several basic types :

Garden lanterns - tall floor lamps

They can be either generally in the form of classic wrought lanterns, or miniature. The height and power of the lamp varies depending on the function of the installation site. Typically, lamps of this type are installed to illuminate the main garden paths and garden gates.

Garden lighting posts

They allow to highlight and mark a path or pavement in the garden or around the house. They define the direction of movement and can be used to highlight topographical features. Most often, garden lamps are made in the form of light columns or poles and are installed directly in the ground. Thanks to the low height and directing the light downwards, they do not dazzle the observer, while fulfilling the role of an effective decoration that helps to express the style of your garden.

Outdoor wall lamps

When hung on a house or fence, they allow you to illuminate the area around it or illuminate the facade of the house or fence. Outdoor wall lamps with a narrow light distribution angle are very popular among architects, as this allows to achieve the characteristic effective-looking light columns on the building.

Garden recessed lighting

Outdoor lamps recessed into the ground or pavement: paving stones, paving slabs or asphalt. You can use them for the utility of marking a road or path, as well as for illuminating buildings or plants in your garden. A recessed garden lamp can be installed in covering paved paths, curbs, stair steps. These lamps should be fully waterproof, with IP67 protection. It is also important to know about the pressure they can be subjected to, in particular, that they can be overhead lamps , on which we can drive a car. There are also recessed lamps designed to be placed in a pool or pond to illuminate the water.

Garden pendant lamps

Like ordinary wall lamps, single or complex compositions: light garlands . A hanging garden lamp is useful to illuminate gazebos and open porches. Hanging garden lighting can be mounted on walls, columns, beams and even tree branches.

Floating lights . A spectacular way to highlight a decorative pond or fountain. Manufacturers offer closed high-tech lamps made in the form of matte and transparent balls, as well as elegant models that imitate water lilies and lotus flowers.

Current trends in landscape design require several garden lamps at once, and even emphasize the combination of several types of lamps at the same time so that the final result looks like a real work of art.

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Outdoor Lights and Garden Lamps