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Bookcases - your own home library

Bookshelf is a must-have piece of furniture in every reading lover's home. It is on its shelves that you can arrange a home library with novels, guides and volumes of poems. Such a bookcase can be placed in many rooms - in the living room, office, bedroom or even in a youth room. Displaying your favourite items will undoubtedly be pleasing to the eye, and will also give the room an interesting decor.

Metal rack - not only for the pantry?

Racks made of metal materials are valued for their reliability. Their strength is also their advantage, because they do not bend easily even under heavy weight. That is why they are often chosen for such rooms as a pantry, cellar or workshop. However, they will prove useful not only for storing preserves or tools. The raw nature of this furniture can be a perfect complement to fashionable loft-style interiors.

Modern industrial bookcase

Continuing the theme of ascetic décor dominated by metal fittings, it is impossible not to mention industrial style shelves . Their structure also includes steel elements, but the shelves are made of wood. These shelves combine a traditional form with a hint of modernist charm, which is why they fit into many different rooms. The shelves can hold not only books, but also decorative elements, family souvenirs or small potted plants.

Wooden bookcase for every interior

Despite the wide variety of choice, classic wooden shelves are still one of the most popular. They are an excellent proposition not only for enthusiasts of this durable material, but for everyone who is looking for timeless and solid furniture. Wooden shelves fit both a home office as a place for documents, and a living room, where they can present trinkets collected over the years. You can choose furniture with simple, traditional shapes as well as more non-standard ones.