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Light Sources

Light Sources

LED lighting - the advantages of using LED technology

 LED lighting, the arrangement of which has been properly designed in cooperation with the lighting architect, and then installed in a given room, allows us to obtain 80% of light energy - the remaining 20% is emitted in the form of heat. LED installations in our home are primarily the benefits of savings. 80% of incandescent light bulbs is converted into heat and only 20% into energy. Due to these paradoxical differences, more and more people choose LED lighting for the most part.

The main benefits of using LED light technology

  • Economics - Who among us does not care about lower energy bills and its supply? Lighting technologies based on LED diodes will allow us to save up to 80% of the costs we incur for energy compared to traditional lighting.
  • Ecology - CO2 emissions decrease proportionally with the reduction of the demand for electricity.
  • Ergonomics - It's hard to believe, but the lifetime of LEDs is up to 100,000 hours of work, or even several dozen hours!



Light Bulbs - Reviews about products

LED Pollight PLATINUM GU10 230V SMDWW 400lm PBT + CV
November 15, 2019
Super light bulb for a reasonable price - i will definitely buy a full set

PHILIPS LED CorePro MR16 bulb 4,6 W = 50 W GU10 Warm White
October 26, 2019
Excellent purchase for a good price, i recommend this online store, artek

LED strip Linear module 300LED 5m IP20 2700K / 6400K
October 21, 2019
Buying this product is a good decision, for me 9/10

Decorative Luna Fire Globe LED Fireworks 3D
October 02, 2019
Great seller with friendly service, i recommend shopping in this store

Decorative Bulb Green Segula E27
July 31, 2019
For a light bulb, the price is staggering. the store service, however, is very nice.

Lighting Knowledge Centre - Blog

Design Your Lighting with Lunares Design lighting with Lunares

In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we offer a service consisting in the selection of lighting fittings in accordance with the client’s expectations. Contact us, describe your needs as broadly as possible, and we will select the lighting and prepare an offer with a special discount.

(Un) easy selection of light bulbs - what to consider when buying light sources? Segula

We’ve been used to classic bulbs for years. However, other light sources that have many benefits and a decisive advantage over classic incandescent bulbs have also been widely available for a long time. They are more efficient and use less energy. What should we pay attention to when choosing bulbs? What parameters are important?

Light Sources