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This hardly noticeable item, covered with jackets, is an indispensable element of every home, business, public places, restaurants, trains ... It can be exchanged for a long time. A coat hanger! Without it, the interior would become a mess.

Necessary furniture accessories

Single or double hangers, which can be installed, for example, in the kitchen or bathroom, improve the functioning of the house. On the hanger you can hang a towel, a cloth, the necessary kitchen accessories such as: forks and ladles for cooking, saucepans, paws for removing hot baking trays from the oven, etc. Hangers to which many individual hooks are attached can be placed for example, next to a fireplace or in a workshop. What would a wardrobe be without durable and functional hangers?

Hangers - which are the best?

Chrome and plastic hangers will fulfill their role, for example, in a bathroom where most items come into contact with water. On the other hand, the cast iron or metal ones - which are characterized by an interesting, decorative design, can easily find their place right next to the exit, or even outside. Large standing or hanging hangers, which can withstand heavy loads, will be suitable for winter, autumn and spring days. They will fit jackets, coats, caps and umbrellas.

Clothes hanger - where should it stand?

Regardless of whether it is a public or home space, the clothes hanger should stand or be hung in a low-traffic area. It must be a pass-through point, and therefore some corner next to the door, a vestibule in the house, a niche in the corridor. The higher the hook, the better - it will protect coats and jackets from getting dirty and dusty. In public places, standing hangers will be useful, accessible from all sides.

The best hanger for the hall

A house is a place where we can allow ourselves freedom in the selection of materials. So the wooden hanger, which we will place in the hall, will bring a warm, inviting atmosphere to the interior. Its color should depend on the color scheme and interior design. A simple, uncomplicated design will be appropriate for classic and minimalist interiors. On the other hand, more decorative solutions - for example hangers made of fancifully formed metalwork, are a good solution for homes with an idyllic atmosphere or with antiques in the interior.