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Lumifall lighting Lumifall lighting

Modern High Quality Downlights from Lumifall

The Lumifall brand specializes in modern, high-quality downlight fittings. These are eyelets, spots and tubes made of high-quality aluminum, precisely cut in CNC technology, with a brushed surface of the housing and polished or brushed inner rings.

Lumifall lighting against the competition

Lumifall stands out from the competition by:

  • The use of interchangeable rotating rings, allowing 360º rotation in the horizontal plane and tilt adjustment from 25º to 35º in the vertical plane, thanks to which you can:
    • Direct the luminous flux in any direction you choose
    • Choose any color combination of the frame and the ring
    • It is easy to replace the light source without disassembling the entire luminaire
  • The use of spring clamps to facilitate assembly and disassembly.
  • The use of thicker aluminum, which makes the fittings more solid and durable

Lumifall lamps have a 5-year warranty

The use of high-quality materials allows the manufacturer to achieve high reliability, and thus offer a 5-year warranty on the luminaires sold.

Lumifall lighting Lumifall lighting