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Recessed Wall Lamps

Wall-mounted lamps create aesthetic exterior and interior lighting. The device housings are hidden in façades, stairs, and sidewalks only the shapely front parts are visible.

Such LED lamps are a trend of modern outdoor lighting. This category of lighting has high energy efficiency, saving electricity compared to classic lamps reach 50-90%. In addition, LED recessed lamps operate smoothly for more than 50,000 hours. During guaranteed life LED elements do not need to be replaced, which eliminates the costs of disassembly and subsequent installation of the equipment.

Modern LED recessed lamps for indoor and outdoor use

LED recessed lamps made of stainless steel and frosted glass have a high degree of protection IP65. Such protection ensures high strength and resistance to dust, humidity and difficult weather conditions. Lamps can be used in industry because they also have resistance to such factors as chlorine, salt and rust. Wall - mounted lamps with 4 LEDs with 0.3 Watt power are available, with a color temperature of 3000K. A conventional transformer is required for this type of lighting. Lamps are designed to be mounted in the wall as well as stairs, sidewalks, driveways.

External recessed lamps (requiring the supply of a 24V LED module)

This type of external lamps recessed to the wall or in the ground has two cable entries. The square lamp in silver is made of stainless steel and transparent tempered glass. In the case of installation in a horizontal substrate, a 20 cm drainage layer is required. The high degree of protection IP67 guarantees resistance to direct effects of dust, water and moisture. It is possible to install the lamp in the ground with little traffic.

Modernist lamp recessed to the wall is designed to illuminate the building. Rectangular shape, LED technology and the use of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, polycarbonate provides economical and efficient lighting. The lamp has a warm light color and a high degree of protection IP54 against dust, moisture and water. Excellent tightness of the luminaire gives the possibility to install it in the walls of private houses, office buildings, shops, etc.

In stores there is a wide range of models for wall mounting with round, rectangular, square housing and various lighting parameters. Manufacturers guarantee the reliability and long life of these lamps without a significant drop in performance.

Areas of use for wall-mounted lamps mounted outside

Lighting equipment in the form of lamps recessed to the wall has high functional properties and stylish design. Built-in outdoor lamps will decorate the architectural appearance of shopping and business centers, hotels and restaurants, flats and private residential buildings. Wall mounting devices with increased impact resistance and protection against heat and moisture will regularly work in industrial and warehouse facilities, open sports facilities, car parks and gas stations. Lamps built into the wall will provide stylish decorative lighting in private and commercial buildings.

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Recessed Wall Lamps