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Shades, lampshades

What is a lampshade and what is a lampshade?

Shades and lampshades are not the same. The differences can be seen at a glance. The lampshade is most often made of glass. The main task of the lampshade is to protect the bulb. In addition, it has a visual function - the lampshade, thanks to its fancy and interesting shape, color or material, will perfectly complement a given space. On the other hand, the lampshade, in addition to its protective function, is designed to focus the light in a given direction. The lampshades have a special structure and are made of various fabrics.

What to choose - a lampshade or a lampshade?

When choosing these decorations, first of all, you need to remember about their uses. The lampshade will work in hanging and wall lamps, while the lampshades in standing lamps. When choosing, it is good to follow the style of the interior. The lampshade is perfect for styles such as vintage or glamor . The lampshades have many color variants and have many interesting shapes, so everyone can choose something for themselves. Sophisticated and original lampshades will perfectly harmonize with such styles as modern and modernist .

What shape is the lampshade and how to measure it?

The lampshade is not only a classic cone. There are many shapes, but the most popular are the hat, dome, cylinder, and cone. Lampshades have many possibilities, types and variants, so everyone will surely find something for themselves. When measuring the lampshade, we take into account: the bottom diameter, the top diameter and the vertical height.

Shades, lampshades