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Lighting for the kitchen

Lighting for the kitchen

The main secret of good lighting in the kitchen is multi-level. In each functional area where dishes are washed, food products are cut, meals consumed must have separate light sources.

General kitchen lighting

Ceiling lighting in the kitchen is not enough. Its task is to maintain comfortable lighting in the dark. Lighting should be planned prior to the design of the kitchen set. But only after it is decided what the layout of the kitchen will be and where the main functional areas will be located: the sink, the hob, the worktop and the table. Then you can place the lamps in the best way, exactly where they are needed.

One pendant lamp in the center of the ceiling will have several disadvantages. When cooking, e.g. cutting vegetables on the working surface of a kitchen appliance, your back to the light source. As a result, the table top is in the shade. In addition, there is almost always free space in the center of the kitchen. As a result, the lamp does not illuminate anything useful, but the really important zones are in the dark corners.

It is worth installing a switch with a dimmer. It allows you to change the brightness of the general lighting of kitchens and depending on your mood. During family dinner, when the family members want to relax, the light will be more comfortable and muffled. Kitchen lighting can include: ceiling lamp, pendant or chandelier, wall lamps, table lamps, recessed spotlights, LED strips, spotlights.

Kitchen lamps

The primary lighting should be even and as neutral as possible. Each of these options can be used individually, especially if the kitchen is small. An important point when planning lighting in the kitchen is to make sure that all lighting can be turned on in part, not all at once. This is not only convenient, but also practical: it allows you to turn on as much light as you need at a given moment, and thus save electricity.

Hanging lamps in the kitchen are most often used to illuminate the dining room or the so-called kitchen island in the workplace. Use one or more devices at the same height, depending on the size of the room. It is easy to choose a model of a kitchen in classic, Provencal, modern and other styles.

Ceiling lamps should be used in small kitchen spaces up to 10 m2. These lamps fit perfectly and do not use too much space due to their compact design and ergonomic shapes. The traditional form of such lamps: round, designed for efficient and even lighting.

Chandeliers for the kitchen

A chandelier for the kitchen is a profitable investment for lovers of a specific style. By choosing, for example, the loft style, you can count on the reliability of the structure, which is ensured by the frame made of metal and acrylic, as well as the attractiveness of the organic combination with a glass shade. The chandelier hung on the ceiling will be a worthy decoration of the kitchen.

Lovers of modern style can choose a kitchen chandelier made of high-quality materials such as metal and glass, which ensures its durability and proper operation. Its external design is made in accordance with the canons of modern style. Accuracy of workmanship, well-thought-out colors are the undeniable advantages of this model. The functionality of the product is also at a decent level. The chandelier can use 8 bulbs, so it will reach 360 watts of power. This power level makes it possible to provide high-quality lighting on fairly large surfaces. Placing a hanging chandelier in the kitchen provides not only uniform and high-quality lighting of the space, but also harmoniously complements the interior design.

Cheap kitchen lamps

Many designers point out that lighting accounts for about 10-15% of the budget allocated, for example, to renovating a kitchen. Half of this money will be needed for the purchase of lamps and switches, and the rest for installation, if you do not plan to install kitchen lighting yourself.

Cheap lamps for the kitchen emphasize the work area in the kitchen. You need to pay attention to the upper furniture halogen lamps, fluorescent and LED. They are specially designed to be mounted at the bottom of hinged kitchen cabinets. Such lamps perfectly fulfill their main task, provide directional lighting and make work in the kitchen comfortable and safe.

There are various options for such lighting on the market, and you can buy functional and cheap lamps for the kitchen. The most common are round spotlights, spotlights with a metal housing or elongated lamps with a protective plastic housing. Such a housing not only protects the lamps against moisture, steam and grease. It also perfectly hides technical details and cables. The result: the kitchen always looks neat.

Round and oblong furniture fixtures have alternatives that are more interesting from a design point of view. For example, an LED strip in an aluminum or plastic profile. In addition to working with white light, you will get spectacular table top lighting with amazing colors. It can be controlled by a remote control or a switch.

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Lighting for the kitchen