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Imperial Lights Imperial Lights

The IMPERIAL company producing lighting products was founded in 1993 by two brothers, Król. All components for factory products, with the exception of electronic ballasts, cables and tags, are manufactured independently. The company uses only high quality electronic components for the production of ballasts, eg Osram, Philips. The goal of IMPERIAL's activity is to produce the highest quality products at competitive prices. The company opted for self-painting products using powder coating technology, thanks to which it offers customers a full range of RAL colors.

The factory produces decorative glass, glass rings and other decorative accessories, and using a vacuum deposition line produces reflections. Two assembly lines ensure the possibility of producing standard fittings and original products. The rich sales offer has a demand for equipment: offices, shops, banks, etc.

Imperial spot lamp

Imperial lamp (point LED) designed for three-phase conductors with the use for ceiling mounting. The luminaire is made of steel and shiny aluminum, the standard color of the body is gray, but other color versions are also available. The lamp has an electronic integrated controller. The degree of protection is IP20. The luminaire has direct lighting with the possibility of adjusting the direction of light symmetrically distributed. The angle of the lamp beam is: 16 ° / 24 ° / 36 ° / 54 °. This model is used in stores, museums, exhibitions, and you can also install such a lamp at home.

Suspension luminaire Imperial - plafond

LED hanging luminaire with opal diffuser. The light source is a LED module: Philips, Osram . The casing is made of steel and aluminum and available in all colors. Standard length of the suspension set - 1.5 meters. Optional direct or indirect version. The lamp has high, quality, energy-saving white LED light. The fitting has a round shape and is suitable for installation in offices, public buildings, shops, hotel receptions and private apartments. The Imperial fitting is equipped with an electronic integrated controller.

Imperial wall lamps

LED wall lamp Imperial for wall mounting in black with an interior in orange. This wall mounted has a modern and interesting shape, thanks to which it can be installed in interiors decorated in different styles. Imperial wall lamp is made of steel and aluminum, so that it will serve the user for a long time. The wall lamp may have a direct or indirect lighting direction with a symmetrical light distribution. Such an attractive wall lamp can adorn the walls of the living room, hall, office.

Imperial LED wall lamp is made of durable high quality materials: steel and aluminum. The basic color is black, but it is possible to order a lama in a different color. The degree of protection is IP20, which means that it can only be used inside the room. The wall lamp gives a symmetrical beam of light. The designer wall lamp has an eye-catching shape that is perfectly located in classic, industrial and loft interiors. Black sconces are able to create a pleasant and light atmosphere in the room. Lamps in black will look good in the office, bedroom or living room, subtly emphasizing the room's decor.