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Spot Light lamps

The Polish company Spot Light started its activity twenty years ago, mastering global production on the lighting market at that time. Consumer satisfaction has been determining the company's strategy for many years. Keeping up with the global technical progress, sensingly registering the tastes and desires of customers and constantly participating in prestigious exhibitions, Spot Light has gained prestige and high demand for its products in many European countries. Chandeliers, lamps, sconces, table lamps, floor lamps, produced under the Spot Light brand are distinguished by high quality, durability and special aesthetics, and are also equipped with modern, energy-saving light sources.

Spot Light lamps

The sophisticated model of the Spot Light chandelier belongs to the Buquet collection and is ideally suited for mounting on the ceiling of a bedroom and living room decorated in a Provencal and classic style. The manufacturer recommends the use of a bulb with a 40 W base. The device is made of metal and can be used for suspended ceilings. The main color of the product is white. It is a very exquisite chandelier containing many beautiful plant elements, the bottom of the lamp is covered with leaves, which greatly enhance the decorative value. Five light sources imitating white candles in combination with crystals hanging from decorated wires give the device a finesse, craftsmanship and flair. Luxurious, modern chandeliers will not only fill the interior with their splendor, but will give it charm and uniqueness

Hanging lamp Spot Light

The Spot Light pendant lamp is a great model belonging to the Bali collection and is ideally suited to the kitchen and dining room ceiling mounted in a retro and rustic style. The lamp has a bulb with a base E27 and power 60 W. The device is made of materials such as glass and metal and can be used for suspended ceilings. Hanging lamp in gray and chrome colors looks very interesting and suspended at the right height will give the interior elegance. The glass cone in the shape of a cone gives the lower light, which gently spreads in the room.

Spot Light desk lamp

The unusual model of the Spot Light desk lamp belongs to the Fino collection and is ideally suited for mounting on a desk in a room decorated in a modern and high-tech style. The lighting element is built into the design and does not require the purchase of additional bulbs. The lamp is made of plastic and metal with a basic gray color. Oval metolowa base has two adjustable plastic arms and one LED light source. Adjustable arms make it possible to change the position of the light. The energy-saving device will fulfill its functions in the office, youth room and office.

Spot Light slats

The Spot Light strip belongs to the Jenny collection, it is ideally suited for mounting on the hall, hall lobby, decorated in high-tech and modern style. It is spotlight with LED diodes with E14 socket and 9 W. The strip is made of glass and metal with the main chrome color. The device has 4 light sources whose direction can be freely set. The construction of the lamp is based on two strips on each one there are two reflectors that perfectly illuminate specific areas of the room. Despite their small size, they have a powerful stream of light

The unique model of the Spot Light strip belongs to the Clear collection and is ideally suited for mounting on the ceiling of a room decorated in a classic, modern style. The strip is equipped with halogen lamps with G9 base, power 28 W. The device is made of glass and metal in chrome. The model has an interesting construction based on one metal strip with 4 light sources contained in charming transparent balls. The point character of lighting allows you to independently adjust the direction of light according to your needs. The slat can be used in the kitchen, dining room, youth room and hallway.

Spot Light - Reviews about products

Solar Lamp - RGBW colored LED stone
August 10, 2020
The lamp is phenomenal. lounging on the balcony. mode set to color mix. the neighbors are asking me how i found me :-)