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Lamps and bulbs SYLVANIA Lamps and bulbs SYLVANIA

The Polish company Sylvania producing lighting products appears in all areas of modern life, which require an innovative approach to design and stylish design, lamps, bulbs and Sylvania fluorescent lamps are unmatched. Concepts such as landscape design, park architecture, swimming pool design have entered into force relatively recently. But they already have a solid and important niche in it. Sylvania lamps are lighting in specially designed, sealed lamps.

The company, as the first among competitors, used such lamps to illuminate water in swimming pools, placing them on the bottom of artificial tanks. Sylvania lamps are a beneficial application for those who want to equip their own shop or cafe with reliable and stylish sources of external and internal lighting. Sylvania halogen lamps are the best solution for these applications.

Sylvania lamps

Lamp Sylvania 8W / T5 lamp for the aquarium for healthy plant growth . The benefits of using this source of light are: high blue and red radiation that promotes healthy plant growth, strengthens the natural color of aquarium plants and fish in the aquarium, promotes photosynthesis in plants and provides optimal light for plants and aquarium. The purpose of this type of lamps is: lighting freshwater aquariums, as the main or additional source of artificial light for plants. They are recommended for use in greenhouses, florists and warehouses

Sylvania lamp for 18W meat stands. Sylvania lamp specially designed to complement the natural color of meat. Illumination of meat and meat products in optimal color for high quality presentation at the exhibition. It gives a realistic reproduction of colors and does not affect the natural colors of products. The 36W lamp is used to highlight the freshness of fruits and vegetables. The cold color also serves the presentation of fish and seafood.

Sylvania 8W G5 germicidal lamp with 8 watts. Sylvania fluorescent lamp designed to destroy microorganisms and bacteria. Designed without using ozone. It is used for disinfection of water, air and surfaces in hospitals, offices, laboratories, and ventilation.

Sylvania light bulbs

Incandescent bulb Sylvania E14 / E27. Decorative bulb, has an unusual shape in the form of a candle. Perfect for open devices in which they look very beautiful. With these bulbs you can quickly put the necessary accents in the lighting system. Miniature Sylvania bulbs with the E14 base, 15 W, are designed for use in household appliances: ovens, cooker hoods, refrigerators.

Sylvania halogen G4 lamps. Compact bright G4 bulbs are designed for 12-24 V voltage. Necessary in creating decorative lamps.

Sylvania LED GU10 bulbs. Sylvania LED bulbs with bright saturated light. They do not heat the room, intended for outdoor or indoor lighting.

Sylvania fluorescent lamps

Sylvania T5 fluorescent lamps with G5 base. These fluorescent lamps have different power, the most popular: 40 watts. Used in various lighting areas. Sylvania F 6W / 765 G5 fluorescent lamp with a power of 6 watts ensures a long service life. It is suitable for illuminating such spaces as: bathrooms, furniture, shop windows, vehicles.

T8 fluorescent lamps with G13 socket. The most popular type of fluorescent light can be colored. Used in various industries. Sylvania is an alternative to neon lamps. It is used when decorative lighting and color effects are needed: stage lighting, shop window lighting, Christmas lighting, disco, bar lighting etc.

Sylvania F36W / T8 fluorescent lamp 36 watt. The radiation of the lamp is dominated by blue and red colors, which promotes photochemical processes and accelerates plant growth. Emphasizes the natural color of fish and algae in aquariums. Favorable for photosynthesis in plants. It is used in freshwater aquariums, winter gardens, greenhouses, and exhibitions.

Lamps and bulbs SYLVANIA Lamps and bulbs SYLVANIA