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Sofa modules

Sofa modules

Modular furniture is an increasingly popular element of home and apartment furnishings. It is thanks to them that your interior can gain a unique character. Something that can only be adapted to our space will definitely make it stand out. So let's take a closer look at it.

What are sof modules?

Modules for sofas are nothing but elements from which we can assemble our dream sofa. They form a modular system, which most often consists of: an armchair, an armchair with a side (right or left), a corner and a pouffe. A special assembly system is already mounted to them, which allows us to assemble the selected modules ourselves.

Why are modular sofas a better solution than ordinary ones?

First of all, they give us the opportunity to build sofas with a much larger size than others available in furniture stores. By attaching subsequent modules, we create exactly the lengths we need, not what the manufacturer proposes. We can perfectly adapt them to the interior we have at our disposal. It depends on us which modules and how many we choose and how we connect them. And it is this modular sofa that can make our interior unique.

What configurations can we put together with modular sofas?

In fact, when designing them, we are only limited by our imagination, but the most commonly used layout is the letter U or the letter L. What distinguishes them from ordinary sofas is that they do not have to have the same length on each side. On one we can connect 5 modules, and on the other only 3. An interesting diversion can also be placing one module separately, in the form of an armchair, which will create a coherent lounge set for the living room.

What interiors can we use modular sofas for?

When choosing this type of sofa we follow the same criteria as in the case of a standard one. So here also, we can choose the color that suits us: color, texture, type of headrest, footrest or legs. It is these details that will give our modular sofa the right look, which will allow us to add it to any room in any style.