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The role of lighting in our homes and apartments is gaining strongly these days. We spend more and more time in rooms that, in addition to adequate ventilation and size, must provide us and our eyes with the right amount of light. Rail lighting is one of the leading technologies. It carries with it the need to choose the right reflectors that will meet our expectations.

LED spotlights

LEDs are diodes, which thanks to recombination technology of load carriers are more efficient than regular or halogen bulbs. On average, you can assume that the LED bulb will be 10 times more efficient than a halogen bulb. When it comes to viability measured over time, we can count on about 50,000 hours. Unfortunately, the price goes along with durability. When it comes to the price of a bulb, we can meet up to 4 different differences. However, if it comes to reflectors, it is not so obvious. A lot depends on the particular model. We can find interesting LED reflectors at a similar price as halogen spotlights.

LED spotlights work well if you want to illuminate a specific place, eg a favorite armchair or a collection of trinkets. We only need one spot for spot lighting. When lighting the entire room is necessary, it is worth considering how many lumens we need per m2. We can be guided by the principle that in the case of general living room or corridor lighting, we need 100 lm / m2, while general lighting for a kitchen or bathroom is 300 lm / m2.

As for the light color variants, we can choose from many filters, including: daylight, universal white, multicolor, warm white.

Halogen spotlights

Halogen bulbs can emit up to 70% more light than traditional incandescent bulbs. Their durability is closed in the range of 2000 to 5000 hours. There are energy-saving versions that consume up to 60% less energy than regular halogens.

Halogen lamps are worse than LEDs - they will work as spot lights. It may be necessary to use a reflector. However, if we want even lighting in the bathroom, then the halogens will work perfectly if we only remember that it is good to take care of 60 - degree incidence of light. The big advantage of halogen reflectors is the constant emission of light throughout the working time. Unfortunately, halogens also emit large amounts of heat, which excludes them from rooms where flammable materials may be present.

Ceiling spotlights

Ceiling spotlights are a great idea for low-level lighting. The big advantage of ceiling spotlights is their subtlety, thanks to which they will not steal the entire attention of the recipient. It is also worth mentioning the functionality of such lighting. Thanks to the adjustment of the light incidence account, we have the opportunity to illuminate hard to reach places.

Often used longitudinal lamps with a lot of reflectors giving an amazing effect. The small size of the ceiling spotlights is also important, which allows us to avoid the effect of "cluttering" the room. A good idea is the use of ceiling lighting in children's rooms. Controlling the angle of incidence of light will not only provide the opportunity to play, but will also better illuminate the desk at which the child will be doing his homework.

As for the places where the ceiling spotlights will work the worst as the only variant of lighting, these are certainly high rooms where other light sources should dominate. Nothing, however, prevents the use of reflex lights to complete the overall effect or to highlight places that are particularly important to us.

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