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Sollux Lights Sollux Lights

SOLLUX - Luminaires - Sollux lamps.

Sollux is a producer of innovative interior lighting. All products are made with great commitment. The company together with Polish craftsmen work exactly on every detail, thus obtaining high and satisfactory quality. SOLLUX lamps perfectly match any space, adding a unique and unique charm. SOLLUX lighting, which emits a distinctive and climatic light, perfectly emphasizes the originality of the surroundings. SOLLUX is a great choice if you need an innovative solution with a restrained and delightful design.

SOLLUX - What does it have to offer?

The company is famous for a large stock of products with its sublime and original look. In the store, we can buy products such as:

Wall lamp, plafonds, hanging lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, night lamps, floor lamps, bulbs

In addition, SOLLUX offers collections that are made in a few styles that people get into the eye. SOLLUX offers collections:

  • - MONO (Reformist and very elegant lamps that are popular among customers. (Plafons))
  • - QUAD (Lamps made in a very innovative way while maintaining minimalism. (Hanging lamps and plafonds))
  • - SIGMA (An extraordinary effect of sophisticated making of lamps that gives an interesting and tasteful atmosphere. (Ceramic lamps)
  • - FENIX (Sublimated and wonderful lamps with originality illuminate the room adding a wonderful charm. (Sconces and plafonds))

SOLLUX - As an innovative and creative company.

SOLLUX, with a view to its clients, has created a blog where various lighting topics are discussed. On the site you can find a redirect to a blog with tips, where you can find, among others, posts such as: - How to safely and effectively clean the ceiling lights? - or - How to prepare lighting for a romantic evening - or - How to illuminate important elements in our home, for example paintings, diplomas or pictures on the wall? - The blog is kept up to date and updated with various circumstances. A very useful and interesting site that can help in many things! SOLLUX is a well-functioning company, which can be seen after great website and blogging, fast and timely sending orders, and friendly and efficient service. SOLLUX as a well-recognized company on the market, is growing more and more and attracting customers with more and more interesting things.

Sollux - Reviews about products

Plafond MASSIMO chrom Sollux
November 04, 2019
A great ceiling, it makes a nice atmosphere in []

Chandelier MINERWA 5 black Sollux
April 04, 2018
Fast service and specific contact with the seller. i will use the store's services again. amelia

Chandelier MINERWA 5 black Sollux
April 04, 2018
A lamp of a very good manufacturer, low price and fast shipping are definitely additional advantages of this store.

Chandelier MINERWA 3 white Sollux
April 04, 2018
Excellent goods at a reasonable price. i give 9/10

Plafond LOBO white Sollux
April 04, 2018
Fast service and good contact with the seller, i will use the services of the lunares.pl store more than once, kaja58

Sollux Lights Sollux Lights