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Industrial lighting

Industrial lighting

For employees, the main conditions of work in enterprises, offices and shops is safety and comfortable working conditions, conditions in which their health will not suffer. For the owners and management of companies, work efficiency, energy efficiency of lighting systems, guarantees of personnel safety. For electricians and electrical engineers, reliability of equipment, optimization of operating costs, ease of installation and maintenance.

Industrial lighting

Taking into account the interests of all those involved in the production process, the main criteria can be formulated: industrial lamps and light sources must be reliable, not energy-intensive, not difficult to install and maintain.

Industrial lighting is selected depending on the size of the premises, the specificity of the industry, the conditions of placement. In principle, there is a need for such lighting devices to protect against moisture and dust. IP stands for the protection level of the device against the ingress of dust and water. The use of hermetic housing guarantees high resistance to weather conditions.

The industrial lighting assortment is used in such entities as: production and service enterprises, workshops, warehouses, garages, laboratories etc. Industrial lighting is: hermetic fittings, lighting beams, fluorescent raster fittings, recessed luminaires, ceiling luminaires, halogen luminaires, outdoor sconces , emergency and evacuation lighting fixture. Fluorescent luminaires providing homogeneous, diffused light

Industrial LED wall lighting, unlike ordinary wall lamps, is used in industrial rooms for the production of bright and uniform light, such electrical devices belong to the industrial group. They can be installed in rooms with high levels of dust, dirt, moisture and low temperature. As a rule, such lamps have an IP66 protection rating. In addition, these LED sconces can be used to illuminate the basement and garages. Thanks to the special, adjustable wall bracket, the lamps can be conveniently used to illuminate workplaces, for example when working in car garages.

Office lighting

Office lighting plays an important role because it affects the health and productivity of employees. People who spend many hours working in artificial lighting must be provided with comfortable working conditions, including office lamps, which do not cause eye strain. Office rooms should be well lit, have a proper stream of light, bulbs should not raise the temperature in the rooms. The correct color of lighting has a positive effect on the focus of attention and sight.

Lamps for the office

Office lamps are made of the highest quality materials, thanks to which they are not only energy-saving, but also fulfill their functions for a long time. This type of lighting should also fulfill aesthetic values, which favors the well-being of employees and affects the perception of the company by customers, contractors, etc. For example, raster lamps cause uniform illumination of the surface and remove the unpleasant eye-damaging glare effect.

The most commonly used office lamps are as follows:

  • LED luminaire for surface mounting
  • Ceiling / wall recessed luminaire
  • Lighting beam
  • Luminaire concealed
  • Led panels with natural light color
  • Sconces and plafonds in social and sanitary rooms
  • Emergency and evacuation lighting luminaire.

For office lighting, recessed ceiling or wall luminaires with a high degree of protection IP44 are used, thanks to which they can be used not only inside buildings, but also outside. The materials used for the production of such plafonds, ie aluminum and tungsten opal glass ensure long product life.

Shop lighting

Shop lighting can contribute to greater customer interest in sold goods. Nothing will emphasize the quality of the product as well-focused light that catches the eye, but it is not annoying to the eyes. The pleasure felt when shopping is the assurance that the customer will come back again, so the lamps to the store should be optimally selected to activate all the senses of the customer.

One of the types of shop lighting are lighting beams that play a significant role in lighting up large stores, all kinds of supermarkets and shops with a small area. The communication routes are perfectly illuminated with lighting beams. These products are equipped with matt or transparent covers that can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall.

Lamps for the store

The most commonly used lamps for the store are:

  • LED linear luminaires - are resistant to high temperatures and efficiently dissipate heat. An additional advantage of these luminaires is the decorative effect and the possibility of illumination of any space in stores of various commercial profile.
  • Good, quality plafonds - in versions for building or hanging, usually in white. Such lamps for the store have high-quality LED light sources that are perfect for displaying goods.
  • Raster and recessed surface housing
  • Ceiling mounted ceiling lamp without blinding light
  • Movable reflector illuminating store counters, shelves
  • External spotlight illuminating the area next to the store
  • Luminaire with two points of light for quick mounting in a suspended ceiling, possible adjustment of the angle of incidence of light in the range of 30 °.
  • Halogen fixtures.
Industrial lighting