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Children's plafonds

Plafony for children in the Lunares store

Ceiling for children once, and a ceiling for children today are two different stories. Nowadays, these luminaires are fashionable and constitute lighting primarily for modern interiors. Once, planfon was first and foremost associated with rich design. Currently, the ceiling lamp is a lighting fitting economical in its form and style. In the children's room, the ceiling can act as accent lighting or main lighting, when we can not afford a richly decorated chandelier or a hanging lamp.

Plafon for children as a replacement for a hanging lamp

The choice of the main lighting for the child's room is often between a chandelier, a hanging lamp and a ceiling. Plafon for a child's room is lighting that closely adheres to the wall. The choice of plafonds for a child's room in our store is very rich - starting with richly decorated plafonds and ending with modest, monochrome ceilings.

Plafony for children's room

The idea for such a solution as the main lighting is a hit if the room of our child is elegant and low. Plafonds for the children's room create a bright glow on the ceiling which adds to the whole interior of the atmosphere and creating a cozy atmosphere. In addition, the light emitted reflects off the ceiling, so the whole room is illuminated well enough.

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How to illuminate the children's room Children lamps

While the lighting of the house and individual rooms does not cause much trouble, the proverbial “stairs” can start when choosing the right light for our child’s room, where it plays a special role. In our category Lamps for children, we focus all the most interesting models of luminaires designed especially for our children.

Children's plafonds