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Children's wall lamps

Sconces for children's room

Sconces for children are subtle, small-sized luminaires, which are mounted on the wall and belong to the so-called section. decorative and supporting lighting.

Ideally suited to places where there is not too much space, for example, to put a floor lamp. Wall sconces for children prove to be a good solution also when there is no need for strong lighting.

sconces for children children's lamp bedside lamp for children

Children's lamps as a good source of light

Wall lamps provide soft and gentle light that does not hurt your eyes. Sconces for children mounted above the bed perfectly dissipate the darkness and can be used as a bedside lamp - ideal for reading.

Which wall lamp for a child to choose?

Luminaires from the sconce section can direct the light up or down. Their shade can be transparent or milky. The wall lamp can give the light closed or open. If you want to create a subtle illumination - we recommend choosing sconces with a milk shade or opaque ones.

The eyes of newborn babies are very delicate, so you should choose such sconces that they do not give strong, glaring light but it's delicate and subtle - in this situation, we advise you to use a wide selection of wall lamps with opaque lampshade. The colors of such a sconce should be delicate - pastel, bright. Older children and students are full of energy and use it primarily to get to know the world around them.

The lighting in their room should be installed high enough so that it is not broken or damaged. The light emitted by sconces in an adult child's room should be bright. In our shop you will find many models of sconces with motifs from the world of fairy tales attractive to our Little Kids. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of wall lamps for children

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How to illuminate the children's room Children lamps

While the lighting of the house and individual rooms does not cause much trouble, the proverbial “stairs” can start when choosing the right light for our child’s room, where it plays a special role. In our category Lamps for children, we focus all the most interesting models of luminaires designed especially for our children.

Children's wall lamps