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Hallway lamps

Hallway lamps

Hallway lamps

The hall is a room that usually has a small area. For this reason, we sometimes treat them neglectfully, which is a big mistake. It is an interior that suggests to our guests what the rest of the house looks like, which is why it should be our showcase. Appropriate lighting for the hall will certainly help in its device. As with other interiors, hallway lamps should both look good and provide the right amount of light. The choice of lighting depends on the area of the hall and whether it has access to natural light. Usually the hall is a dark room because there are no windows in it. It is worth creating a cozy atmosphere in this interior, encouraging you to use the rest of the house. Lamps for the hall with a dimmer have recently become very popular. They are a good choice for people who are trying to save energy. Remember that the light in the hall should be warm to resemble natural daylight as much as possible. The specific choice depends on our preferences. In modern, minimalist apartments, it is worth focusing on modern lighting for the hall. However, in classic interiors, classic hanging lamps for the hallway or a chandelier for the hall, stylized as an antique, will certainly work.

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The Lunares.pl store offers many choices of lighting. In our offer you can easily find your dream hall lighting . Therefore, it is worth knowing how to choose them to the size of the room. In a small interior, a single light source may suffice. A hanging lamp for the hall will be perfect for this role. The hanging lamp with a white lampshade available in our assortment fits into elegant, traditional apartments. It will also appeal to lovers of minimalist interiors. A small area can also be illuminated by a hall ceiling - for example a two-arm ceiling . On the other hand, a large hall needs more light. If we struggle with low ceilings, it is worth putting on a halogen eyelet . Of course, not one, but several, reasonably placed - depending on the total length of the interior. It guarantees proper lighting without optically reducing the space. You can also choose a set that will make the hall cozy and elegant. The Aladyn pendant lamp and the Alladyn wall lamp will help to arrange a medium or large hall. The pendant lamp is designed to illuminate the room from above, while the wall lamps for the hall can be mounted in a selected place on the walls. They will work especially when a mirror is hung in the hall. In such a situation, it is worth placing one wall lamp on the left and the other on the right to ensure symmetrical illumination of the mirror. As you can see, the appearance of the hallway can be easily modified by choosing the right lighting. Let's not forget about this interior, because it is the showcase of the whole house, encouraging you to use the rest of it.

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Fabbian Illuminazione lighting cubetto plafon

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The Fabbian Illuminazione company was founded in 1961. With time, the manufacturer has gained a reputation and respect in lighting markets around the world. The manufacturer’s offer includes modern lamps, made of the highest quality components and designed by the most creative designers. Currently, the Fabbian brand is sold in Europe and Asia through company stores and intermediaries, and its sister companies operate in the markets in the United States and Hong Kong.

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Hallway lamps