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Sofa beds

Sofa beds

Practical fold-out sofas

Folding sofas can be covered with ecological leather, natural leather or fabric. The sofas with the sleeping function are of excellent class. When choosing a sofa for regular sleeping, it is worth remembering that the convertible sofa should not only be nice, but most of all comfortable and provide adequate sleeping comfort.

A large selection of sofas in the Lunares store

The most popular are beige, brown or black sofas. You can also purchase furniture in various shades of blue or green. The white sofas look sophisticated. Vivid colored sofas that can add color to a living room are becoming more and more popular. There is also a sofa size to choose from. Depending on the size, you can choose a double or a triple sofa.

Sofas in a modern version

Sofa beds filled the PRL salons with a click. Currently, there are sofas on the market with various folding systems. To transform a sofa into a bed, it is enough to pull out a neatly hidden mattress from inside the sofa. Other sofas extend to the front or have folding parts to create a sleeping surface. In addition, many fold-out sofas look as beautiful as non-extendable sofas, so their additional function does not negatively affect the appearance of the furniture.

Sofa beds for guests

If not for the sofas, the interiors would be much poorer and less varied. Sofa is a necessary piece of furniture for anyone who wants to arrange an interior in an elegant and comfortable way. The sofa should have a good automatic fold-out mechanism, cushions to lean on, and armrests. The fold-out sofa allows you to stay overnight unannounced guests and family members who came to visit. It is worth combining the leisure function with a practical sofa. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of folding sofas in the Lunares store.

Sofa beds