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A sedentary lifestyle is not conducive to keeping the locomotor system healthy. While it is difficult to completely give up comfortable working in a chair, it is worth ensuring comfort and ergonomics during work, which will not only bring comfort, but also relieve the most vulnerable parts of the body.

Office footrests - saving tired feet

Enriching the workplace with an office footrest will bring a visible improvement in posture. Using it relieves the lower spine and improves blood circulation in the legs, which in turn prevents varicose veins. Office footrests are a great solution for people complaining of sore and heavy legs. Caring for the right posture will pay off in health in the future.

The footstool in the form of a pouf, or triple functionality

After a hard day at work, there is nothing better than settling in a chair comfortably and stretching your legs. The footrest used for this can also be used as a seat. It saves a lot of space - a small piece of furniture that we use to relax can successfully play a second role. Some models can also be used as a storage box for pillows and decorative elements.

Upholstered footrests - what speaks for them?

Properly selected fabric footrests are an interesting decorative element in a room. Thanks to them, the room becomes cozier. Stretching your legs on a soft, velor footrest is not only a rest for the body, but also a feast for the senses. A wide range of colors will allow you to match the footrest to any arrangement. They will work both in the living room and in the office.

A bit of luxury - leather footrests

Leather furniture adds class and elegance to the room in which it is located. They are easy to clean, thanks to which they always look impeccable. The characteristic texture and look of the leather footrest is an irreplaceable interior decoration that gives a stylish character and allows you to rest in style.

Practical and comfortable footrests are underestimated pieces of furniture that are worth having at home and at work.