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Foundations and fixings for lamps

External lighting

The best solution for optimal results is to plan all external lighting at the same time. Places worth noting are paths, flower beds, gazebos, stairs, ponds, driveways, gates, gates, and terraces.

When it comes to technologies, it is worth using the overrun lamps, motion detectors and the intelligent control system. Our lamps absolutely must have a sufficiently high tightness factor, protecting them from adverse weather conditions. The IP 55 - IP 68 standards will fulfill this task. A lot also depends on the protection class, which translates into electrical insulation. We should be interested in class I or II luminaires.

Garden lighting

Garden lighting is best isolated from the main power supply circuit and provided with appropriate fuses. We should also check whether the cable route will not interfere with foundations, large trees and water pipes.

In the selection of lamps for garden lighting, we can choose between posts, lanterns, single luminaires, decorative balls and reflectors. The latter will enable us to direct the light rays in the direction we want. Their additional advantage is the possibility of mounting both on the walls and on the grass.

Foundations for garden lamps

The foundations for garden lamps enable stable and permanent assembly of our lighting. The hole drilled in the middle allows you to conduct the cable and connect to the installation. We have the option of choosing between a small and a large foundation.

The small garden foundation has a weight of about 14 kilograms and a height of 18 centimeters. It allows the installation of a lamp with a maximum diameter of 17 centimeters.

The large garden foundation has a weight of about 30 kilograms and a height of 23 centimeters. It allows the installation of a lamp with a maximum diameter of 26 centimeters.

If we want to quickly and efficiently mount our lamps, and at the same time secure them against the effects of strong winds, a solid foundation is an ideal solution.