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Bedroom lamps

Bedroom lamps

Is lighting in the bedroom important?

Of course! The bedroom is a place where we can relax, rest after a day, recharge our batteries for new challenges. So lighting is very important. The right light should help us relax, not give us a headache and aggravate our fatigue.

When choosing lighting for the bedroom, you should be guided primarily by the colors of the walls and the overall style of the room. The light should blend in smoothly with the colors in the room, not overly emphasize them and give the impression of "heaviness". It is worth choosing a warm shade of light for the bedroom, which will make our oasis of peace cozy and conducive to relaxation. However, it all depends on the colors of the walls, so in many cases the shade of light is an individual matter. It is worth consulting an expert in a lighting store who will help us choose the right light for each room, color and style.

What will fit?

When organizing the interior, it is also important to choose individual pieces of furniture and accessories for the overall style of the decor. In this aspect, we have a wide range of possibilities. Depending on your needs, the market offers modern lamps in fanciful shapes and colors (and even those that do not resemble lamps). However, chandeliers and sconces in the color of old gold with intricately made decorations and crystal shades are returning to favor. The truth is that as many heads as there are so many bedroom arrangement ideas. Some will choose a modern, raw style, without unnecessary decorations. Others will want to furnish the room in a royal style - with a large bed, a canopy and a crystal chandelier. Still others will take the risk and combine both styles, for example by keeping the interior décor soft through walls and furniture in bright colors, but by installing retro sconces and lamps in the color of old gold for contrast. It all depends on the tastes and sense of aesthetics of the people who will spend time in this room. They primarily determine the level of functionality and lavishness of the room. The decor of the bedroom is an individual matter, there are no universal tips or rules that could be followed when decorating a room.

Have wall lamps gone down in history?

Well no! More and more often we can meet lamps hung directly on the walls. These forms of lighting are coming back into favor. However, when deciding on wall lamps, remember that their installation will be, in a sense, irreversible. You need to bring the cables to the right place, which means stings in the walls. There is also an inevitable opening for the mounting of the wall lamp itself. Installing such a lamp effectively reduces the room for maneuver in a hypothetical rearrangement of furniture. Despite this, there are many supporters of wall lamps. They appear indoors not because of practicality, but as a decorative element. Nothing will crown an aesthetic interior more than a light source that will not destroy the entire picture with a tangled cable.

What about children's bedrooms?

These rooms are special. They are often a combination of a bedroom, living room, office, dining room ... Therefore, the choice of lighting is extremely important, but also a challenge. The best solution is to install several light sources. One general thing - a chandelier - should illuminate the entire room. You can light it while playing, talking or watching TV. The lamp on the desk is an indispensable element for the student. Thanks to it, the child can work without damaging his eyesight with weak daylight or that coming from a chandelier, which would most likely cover his own body. You should also consider buying a floor lamp or sconces near your bed. Lighting this place can make a big difference. First of all, you should ensure good quality and power of light near the bed - this is where most of us read books, so it is worth taking care of our and our children's eyesight. As in the case of an adult bedroom, in a children's or youth room, lamps should be selected that will match the style or theme of the room. For younger people, we can easily find lampshades and lampshades with fairy-tale motifs. Young people will surely be satisfied with retro or modern chandeliers and lamps. One thing is certain: in a few years we will have to change the interior anyway.

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Bedroom lamps