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Classic lamps

Classic lamps

Classic lighting satisfies different tastes and gives the apartment individuality. There are lamps for fans of the classics as well as for those who want to find a compromise solution between the classic and the modern. You can pay attention to various design solutions that have not lost the elegance and sophistication of the classics, but at the same time correspond to fashion trends.

Classic hanging lamps

Classic hanging lamps will decorate the interior and will delight every day. Modern classic lighting is always made of good quality materials. A classic pendant lamp or a chandelier fills the home with comfort and warmth. It can be said that such lighting in a classic style has always been characterized by a lack of aggression in colors, contrast, where everything is very calm, stable and solid.

In stores, lamps are sold in a classic style of various types and shapes. The classic chandelier does not tolerate much confusion and only the original lack of form. People who find a classic chandelier very old-fashioned and uninteresting are not right. On the contrary, the classics have always been considered fashionable and collected the best lighting trends. Time does not stand still, but this simple style in the interior is still in demand. Thanks to classic lighting, its beauty will change any interior.

An example of classic hanging ceiling lamps

  • Lamps inspired by the form of given kerosene lamps will be perfect for rooms arranged not only in a classic, but also rustic and retro style. The white patina-colored steel lampshades and arms perfectly reflect the classic style of lighting. Such a lamp will look dignified in the living room and bedroom.
  • A classic lamp made of patinated brass steel and lampshades decorated with a crystal in a shade of white will give a classic interior refinement. Three- and five-arm lamps will look effective in the living room, dining room, bedroom and corridor.
  • Classic ceiling lamp in chrome, wood, wenge with two light sources is a representative of this style and will be used not only in the living room and bedroom, but also in the kitchen and dining room. The combination of glass and steel perfectly reflects the essence of the classic style.

Classic standing lamps

Classic standing lamps are products that will not only become a functional assistant, but also decorate any room. A large range of models will allow everyone to choose lighting that will emphasize the impeccable taste of their owner, will be a great addition to a desk or bedside table.

At the beginning, it is necessary to decide for what purposes the lamp will be used, whether it will be an important element of the interior or an attraction of a given zone. If the first option, then when choosing, you can rely only on the external design and its compliance with the overall style of the room. But if a classic lamp is to be used, for example, for reading or needlework, the appearance is not the only criterion. The device to be used for such activities should provide a rather bright light.

It is very important to find the right bedroom lamp that is primarily used for rest and relaxation. Therefore, classic lighting should not be too bright, but dim and calm. Therefore, the best option is in a shade of delicate shades: beige, pink, white.

Examples of classic standing lamps

  • A classic desk lamp in white with a fabric shade in white and blue colors fits into this style of interior design. The subtle lamp can be used to illuminate a desk in a nursery, youth room, office and bedroom, as a lamp on a table. You can also use a hanging lamp in the same design and the effect achieved will delight every household member.
  • A table lamp with an unusual charm thanks to the shape and combination of steel and white glass. The shape of the lampshade will not blind you, but it will gently scatter the light. Such effective classic lighting can be installed in any room.

Classic wall lamps - wall lamps

Classic wall lamps are considered the most versatile. Not only do they not become obsolete over the years, but are resistant to changing fashions, they have become a way to supplement the widest list of majors. Classic wall lamps are smooth transitions and lines. Classic wall lamps are made of metal and glass will fit into the interior and their obligatory element is a strict, harmonious composition.

Examples of classic lighting in the form of wall lamps

  • A classic style wall lamp in white and gray colors looks extremely chic. The grille motif allows the wall lamp (ceiling) to be used in the dining room, kitchen, hallway bedroom and bathroom. Such a lamp can take the form of a round and a semicircular one.
  • Wall lamp in white or black without a lampshade with a light bulb in the form of a candle or a flame fits perfectly in an interior decorated in a classic style. The subtle light creates local illumination and is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms and hallways.

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Classic lamps