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Aromatherapy bracelet
March 01, 2020
A tasteful, beautiful gift for lovers of aromatherapy, you can admire the aroma all day - not only the smell but also therapy instillation therapeutic oil (e.g. onguard), useful during travel / protection against environmental bacteria /. replaceable cartridges. aesthetic. very fast service, beautifully packaged. i also recommend a car key ring or pendant. fragrance of natural oils - is an antidote to chemical and allergenic artificial fragrances

White - black LED humidifier in the shape of a cat with a fan and a USB lamp
December 10, 2019
Good product performance - i recommend this online store - nikodem34

Pink LED humidifier in the shape of a cat with a fan and a USB lamp
November 30, 2019
Fast service deserves a special mention, i recommend it

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Types of face masks - which face mask to choose? Wearing a face mask

According to recent government recommendations, everyone is required to cover their mouths and nose in public. Protective masks are an effective barrier to aerosols, and thus significantly reduce the risk of spreading the virus. However, their effectiveness depends on many factors - the type of face mask, proper use and compliance with basic hygiene rules. Learn more about types and features of protective masks and familiarize yourself with the offer of cotton masks available in our store.

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