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Glamor lamps

Glamor lamps

In our offer you will find lamps in a glamorous aesthetic that will work well in both classic and more bold arrangements based on this style. Below you will find tips and suggestions prepared by us on how to choose the right glamor-style lamp.

Luxury and shine - glamor lighting

Luxury, elegance and tasteful splendor - these are the features that make it possible to recognize the style of interior design referred to as glamor in the most clear way. But how do you get the sparkle and shine from which it takes its name? You need an appropriate composition, which consists of numerous decorative knick-knacks, mirrors in rich frames, and above all - appropriate lighting that will create a truly charming atmosphere. This, in turn, can only be achieved by a lamp with character, which is no stranger to a healthy dose of extravagance.

Classic glamor lamps

The most iconic arrangements of glamor-style apartments refer to historical periods who value similar features - i.e. Baroque and Rococo. In particular, the classical baroque remains an inexhaustible source of inspiration for people who are interested in the classic glamor aesthetics . And what can we associate more with the baroque interior design than the Versailles Zwierciadlana Gallery?

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that crystal chandeliers are so popular. Their ideal representatives are the Royal Queen E14 Chandelier and the Rosano E14 Chandelier . An interesting alternative to crystal chandeliers, a bit less orthodox but still in a similar spirit, are plafonds . Such items as Plafond Euphoria G9 or Plafond Waterfall E14 require a bit of intuition and courage, but when properly used, they can become the dominants of our living room that steal the guests' attention. On the other hand, silvery wall lamps will work great on the walls, such as the Exquisite Queen E14 wall lamp, which, moreover, its form all the more evokes associations with the era of luxury, which was the baroque. In turn, the Kartell BOURGIE lamp will be an excellent choice for a desk or table in a crystal style.

Modern glamor

However, you can also arrange a glamor-style interior in a more modern manner, without such a strong reference to the old historical epochs. Then the more extravagant and highly shiny forms are a popular choice. The Bellezia G4 pendant lamps and the Demeter 2 wall lamp are the perfect illustration of this option. ZARA hanging lamps and Genova wall lamps are a slightly calmer choice, but still not inferior in the aura of elegance . They will surely appeal to those who prefer a more minimalistic glamor style.

It is true that glamor is primarily about enhancing the effects of flash and glare, but some people consider black as a model of an elegant color . Regardless of whether our glamor arrangement is to have a bit of a noir spirit, or if black lamps are only to be accents in a bright room, there will also be something in our offer for enthusiasts of this color. The black version of the Queen E14 Chandelier will give our interior a mysteriously gothic character , and the black VIGO pendant lamp is a perfect example of elegance that does not have to sparkle to ensure its style.

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Glamor lamps