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Standing Lamps

Standing Lamps When choosing lighting for our home, we should pay attention to different levels of lighting, its usability and functionality. Floor lamps give the possibility to change the character of the room by playing lights. Using them, we can easily give our interiors a two-dimensionality and make the raw office a cozy place to read a book with a cup of warm tea. Placing them in a teenager's room allows you to give him a chance to express his views by individually choosing the shape, size and colors of the lamp. Shades of standing lamps come in many shapes, from simple, geometric shapes to rounded, softly finished figures. When choosing a standing lamp it is worth paying attention to adjusting its shape to the shape of central lighting lamps. Choosing a lamp in an interesting color that cuts off from the wall, we gain and lighting and an amazing decorative element that makes a great impression on our guests.

Standing Lamps for the Living Room

A timeless must have in every living room is definitely a standing lamp. Each of us wants to make his living room one hundred percent reflect his character and sense of taste. A standing lamp for the living room is the best way to express yourself by using lighting as an element not only strictly illuminating the space, but also decorating our home. The variety and wide selection of the amps for the living room give us an infinite number of lighting and decorative options. Pay attention to the texture and material from which the lampshade is made. If we decorate our living room in a specific style, remember that the material from which the lampshade is made does not differ from the theme of the living room. More and more often you can find bold connections, eg art deco lamps standing in a Scandinavian style living room, or modern, raw lamps standing in romantically decorated bedrooms.

Cheap Standing Lamps

The basic myth about standing lamps is the one that says they cost a fortune. Well, no! In our shop you will find cheap standing lamps , next to which no one will pass by and cheap, they will help you refresh the already decorated interior. The low price allows us to vary the lighting without exposing ourselves to a large expense. Very often after some time from the renovation, we realize that something is missing or the aura prevailing in the room is not what we wanted. We invite you to browse our assortment, and you will certainly find something suitable for you and your portfolio.

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Fabbian Illuminazione lighting cubetto plafon

Get to know the manufacturer of perfect Fabbian lighting or go straight to the Fabbian lamp offer available in the store - click here

The Fabbian Illuminazione company was founded in 1961. With time, the manufacturer has gained a reputation and respect in lighting markets around the world. The manufacturer’s offer includes modern lamps, made of the highest quality components and designed by the most creative designers. Currently, the Fabbian brand is sold in Europe and Asia through company stores and intermediaries, and its sister companies operate in the markets in the United States and Hong Kong.

Loft interiors Industrial pipe light

We invite you to read about the interiors in the industrial style or immediately to see the category of lamps in style industrial.

The interiors in the industrial style are unconventional. Thanks to this they have taken over many hearts and imaginations design masters. Raw, minimalistic and cool in feeling. And yet you can like them.

If you appreciate remarkable solutions and feel good when you are surrounded by objects, which look like they were drawn from a different era, or you respect active coldness and elegant minimalism, designing an interior in industrial style is the most suitable choice just for you!

Rustic interiors Rustic floor lamp

Rustic lighting and a rustic style

Read about the trend of interior design the most fashionable this year, or see what we have prepared for you in the category of rustic lamps.

Rustic style - recently very fashionable. Many architects introduce it to their projects. Plenty of people drawing Inspirations from the Internet, rearranges or finishes your interiors in a rustic style. Characteristics of this style is complex. In addition, the influence of many designer trends has caused the definition of rustic style to change  and changes over the years.

What caused that this seemingly modest architectural trend won the hearts of so many people and won over a lot of supporters? Wondering what is a rustic style? Let’s start from the beginning.

Standing Lamps