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Slamp Lights Slamp Lights

The Italian company has been producing lighting devices since 1994 and today is considered one of the most successful brands of decorative lighting. Slamp's success is based on three factors: cooperation with renowned designers, the uniqueness of the product and the use of proprietary materials. Additional benefits arise from the use of innovative materials (Opalflex, Cristalflex, Steelflex and Lentiflex).

Opalflex synthetic material, transparent as glass and durable as plastic, has been developed and patented in the company's laboratory. It is a non-toxic, heat-resistant material with a reflective surface from which most Slamp collections come from. Swarovski crystals, nickel-plated brass, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and mirror-polished are also used in the production of Slamp lamps.

Hanging lamps Slamp

Slamp hanging lamp with an original pattern imitating wood grain. The violet light is made of an unusual material called Cristalflex, it is a transparent material developed and manufactured by Bayer Vivak. Bright and transparent as glass, but light and durable, which can be a very modern material that makes the original Slamp lamps visually subtle, easy to assemble and provide a modern look. The lamp height is adjustable up to 140 cm. The designer is Luca Mazza.

Slamp hanging lamp with a designer pattern. The copper lampshade is made of an unusual thermoplastic material obtained in the polycarbonate metallization process. As a result of this process, an innovative material appears with a completely reflective mirror surface. At the same time, the material retains flexibility, which is the most important feature of all materials used by the company. An additional, but very sophisticated effect are the crystal pendants falling from the arms of the lamp. The lamp height is adjustable up to 140 cm. The designer is: Nigel Coates. The form of the device is extremely impressive and can be a decoration of every living room and dining room.

Slamp ceiling lamp

Slamp ceiling lamp with an innovative design corresponds to a modern style. The white ceiling lamp with orange elements is made of an unusual material called Opalflex, which is a combination of technopolymer and glass crystals. This material ensures the transparency of the glass, while ensuring durability and versatility. The lamp has a glass glow and two light sources. It can also be used as a wall lamp. The designer is Adriano Rachele.

Slamp standing lamp

Slamp floor lamp with an interesting African pattern. The luminaire is made of unusual materials called Cristalflex and Opalflex. Opalflex is an exclusive patented material obtained by mixing technopolymers and glass fibers. This material ensures the transparency of the glass, moreover, provides the device with strength, so that the user can enjoy the effective illumination and decorative element for a long time. Cristalflex is a technopolymer, a transparent material developed and manufactured by Bayer Vivak. The multicolour Slamp lamp has an elongated structure with plant motifs, heads of natives from African tribes and other interesting patterns. The designer is Studio Job.

Sconces Slamp

Wall lamp Slamp with original design. Transparent frame with a modern form is made of an extraordinary thermoplastic material produced by a special technology that makes its surface multifaceted. A modern way of applying two coatings of material with a fixed angle of inclination of 0.15 degrees, causes that the material, like water, changes its shape and color from various points of observation. The base of the material transmits light, but at the same time it refracts it, increases the brightness of the light source, at the same time preventing glare and creating opalescent shades of color. The lamp designer is Manuel Wijffels.

Slamp Lights Slamp Lights