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Garden Tables

Garden Tables

Garden table: the green heart of your home

Nothing unites family and friends more than feasting together at the home table. When the weather is favorable, a garden table has the same wonderful properties - so it is worth making sure that it is not only beautiful, but above all solidly made. The garden tables that you can find in our store are made by reputable manufacturers, thanks to which they combine unique design, durability of materials and modern construction solutions.

How to fit the garden furniture?

When choosing a table and seats for the garden, it is worth being inspired by your favorite style to create a coherent space for relaxation outside. We have a choice of classic garden tables with a rectangular top, as well as oval or round tables that take up less space. It is important that the dimensions of the furniture correspond to the space it is to occupy, and that they match the height of the selected chairs.

Furniture for the terrace - what material to choose?

An alternative to natural wood or delicate rattan are extremely durable synthetic materials. Terrace furniture made of artwood, technorattan or metal requires almost no care and looks very effective in both traditional and modern decor.

Furniture for small and large balcony

You can create a recreational corner regardless of the size of the balcony. The small ones will be suitable for light, portable garden tables and bistro-type coffee chairs, for larger ones - wide and low benches, comfortable balcony armchairs, as well as seats with an additional storage space for small items.