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Industrial Lights

Industrial Lights

Industrial style

Also called industrial, it is not as simple as it seems at first glance. It requires unique parts, original accessories, unique decor. Industrial lamps are one of the amazing opportunities to take an extraordinary approach to interior design. Wires, bulbs, spare parts are all useful.

Features of industrial lighting

For starters, it should be noted that the industrial style is most natural with electric lighting. For the lighting used in the design of the room in this style, stability, functionality and durability must be characteristic first of all. In addition to lighting, industrial-style lamps should create a certain atmosphere that is only appropriate in production workshops or warehouses. Moreover, these strokes should be quite subtle and accurate. For this purpose, both authentic industrial lighting devices and stylized industrial analogues can be used.

Industrial standing desk and bedside lamps

Nothing reflects the atmosphere of an industrial style, like a combination of metal and glass, such features are included in table lamps and desk lamps. An example of such lighting can be a chrome-colored desk lamp with a form resembling a light bulb. Despite its economical design, it perfectly emits light and emphasizes the industrial character. This type of desk lighting will be appropriate in any room, no matter if it is a private home or an office space in the company.

When it comes to lampshades, the industrial style allows you to fully express your imagination and creativity. A bedside lamp, which looks like the lighting used in industrial halls, will be perfect for a bedside table in a bedroom decorated in this style. To emphasize favorite trends, it is worth installing wall lamps in the same arrangement, which, together with the lamp, will constitute an excellent lighting set. Such elements not only play the role of lighting, but also constitute a perfect decoration and highlight a selected industrial arrangement.

Hanging lamps in industrial lighting

You don't have to be limited to one bulb. A pendant lamp with several bulbs, consisting of original parts, can be installed. The result will be an amazing type of lighting, not an ordinary and boring chandelier. Hanging ceiling lamps in an industrial style in a minimalist arrangement have their class in terms of quality of workmanship. An example of such a form of lighting can be a simple ceiling lamp hanging with three light sources, suspended on cables of any color. It does not have a lampshade, the light comes from a bulb, reflecting the atmosphere of an industrial style.

Luxurious industrial chandeliers will also look very interesting. Unlike most traditional industrial items, they fit easily into most modern styles and themes. But regardless of whether the interior in the industrial style was created in a natural or artificial way, the issue of room lighting is of great importance.

What do industrial lamps look like?

In fact, the requirements have not changed and are exactly the same as for all other devices. However, the style requires high strength, flexibility and mobility from lamps. Most often, lamps are made of metal and glass, often wood is used as a material. One of the hallmarks of an industrial style is wire ceiling lights, which, by definition, must be durable. When it comes to a tripod, almost any design or suitable mechanism can be used with your imagination being the only limit.

Suspended lamps are very often used for lighting in factories. They are considered classics in industrial-style rooms. Since their main task was lighting, these devices did a great job, most often they were not replaced. Such lamps are especially effective in decorating bars and restaurants. In residential areas, it is not only a kitchen, but also a dining room, living room and bedroom. Wall or floor lamps are also used in the apartments. Most often, these lamps have several sections, which can also change their position and illuminate different areas, often performing the function of not only the main lighting, but also the backlight.

Ceiling lighting works in any room, you just need to take into account its specificity. For example, in a dining room where the table is the most important point, there should be an industrial lamp illuminating this element. An example of this type of light emitting is a hanging lamp in white with one bulb, stylized in an industrial style. The lampshade is made of varnished steel resembling bent wires in the form of a cage. The whole design is quite austere and fits well with an industrial-style dining room. There is also a hanging lamp in the form of a jar. Such lighting will also look great in the living room, bedroom and office.

Where to buy cheap industrial lamps?

Industrial lamps can be purchased in the online store. You do not have to leave the house to see the available assortment, everyone has any amount of time to view individual articles. In such an online store you can buy:

  • Industrial single-point hanging lamps, e.g. with a wire lampshade in various shapes, or a combination of metal and glass in many interesting forms, a patina-colored lampshade on a chain looks subtle and perfectly reflects the industrial style.
  • Industrial multi-point hanging lamps, e.g. a lamp with a transparent white or black mesh, a ceiling lamp in a beautiful black and gold color made of metal, consisting of four light sources. Visually, the lamp is distinguished by a strict design, but the overall effect is positively surprising. Such a lamp will provide excellent lighting not only in the living room, kitchen, dining room, but also in the teenagers' room, it will be well received.
  • Wall lamps are a favorite form of lighting, which is why they are found in many homes. Such industrial lighting looks effective because it is made of metal that can be white, black or patina. Perfect for any home room.
  • The industrial floor lamp is designed to optically enlarge the room. It gives a perfect beam of light directed upwards. This lighting element is made of aluminum, wood and metal, thanks to which it perfectly reflects the industrial style. Visually, it looks like a large reflector on three legs, which makes the lamp unique and inimitable. It will be found in the living room, bedroom and also in the youth room.

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We invite you to read about the interiors in the industrial style or immediately to see the category of lamps in style industrial.

The interiors in the industrial style are unconventional. Thanks to this they have taken over many hearts and imaginations design masters. Raw, minimalistic and cool in feeling. And yet you can like them.

If you appreciate remarkable solutions and feel good when you are surrounded by objects, which look like they were drawn from a different era, or you respect active coldness and elegant minimalism, designing an interior in industrial style is the most suitable choice just for you!

Industrial Lights