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Design Your Lighting with Lunares

In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we offer a service consisting in the selection of lighting fittings in accordance with the client’s expectations. Contact us, describe your needs as broadly as possible, and we will select the lighting and prepare an offer with a special discount.

Design lighting with Lunares

Interior design is a complex topic. It may seem that choosing the right materials, furniture and accessories is all that makes for a successful arrangement. However, the real “dot over and” of any space is its lighting. A well-chosen lighting design can bring out its aesthetic qualities from the interior, emphasize colors and textures, and ensure comfortable and safe use of the arranged surface.

Where to start?

The lighting design is created individually, according to the customer’s needs. Technical parameters as well as the effect you want to achieve are important to us. For this purpose, we need to know the client’s lighting needs, in particular:

  • What do you want to illuminate (house, apartment, room, bedrooms, kitchens, garden, building facade, yard, office, halls, factory)?
  • What surface do you want to illuminate?
  • How many rooms and what kind of rooms are they?
  • What style are you looking for lighting?
  • What colors?
  • What product standard (economic, medium, premium)?
  • What budget do you want to spend on lighting, if you already know that?
  • How fast do you need us to process your order?
  • If you have room plans and / or technical drawings, please attach them to us,
  • Don’t forget your contact details (email, phone)
Contact our specialist who will analyze your needs and prepare an offer, which will then be sent to your email address.
Łukasz Kocaj - Lighting Specialist
Łukasz Kocaj
Lighting Specialist

Living room lighting arrangements - stylishly and without leaving your home.

So far, the subject of “lighting design” has not been possible without the need to find the right office and many meetings with an advisor to illustrate our expectations. The time spent does not always guarantee that the project will turn out to be successful. It often happens that ill-considered technical parameters prevent the installation of selected luminaires and the design process starts anew. To meet the expectations of our customers, we have created an online service that will save your time and at the same time create a well-thought-out lighting design.

How much does a lighting project cost?

When furnishing a new apartment, we often face many expenses and unexpected costs. In the interior design process, we first decide on the choice of floors, the color of the walls, furniture, and finally the purchase of lighting. The budget at this stage is usually much “slimmer” than at the beginning of the project. We offer you a new service that has a chance to become a permanent part of our offer. You will not incur the cost of choosing lighting for the arrangement and additionally you will gain an attractive discount on selected lighting fixtures.

Modern lighting of the apartment - aesthetically and practically.

Regardless of the room, the lighting in our home should meet at least two features - be practical and emphasize the beauty of the arrangement. The selected luminaires should meet the lighting standards regarding light intensity, degree of protection against glare and color rendering. These parameters will allow you to bring out its beauty from the inside. Another challenge is the technical aspects of lamps. Their arrangement in the room and their future installation should be taken into account. You may find it helpful to know the type of materials used, the positioning of windows and doors. The last element is the selection of luminaires tailored to the interior design and customer expectations. The path to achieving a great effect is not the shortest, so it is worth choosing the help of a professional in this area.

When does home lighting design transform into interior design?

When thinking about changing the lighting in an existing arrangement, it may turn out that we need a bigger change because the space is no longer practical for us. A modern house is characterized by minimalism and elegance, as well as a sense of style. It is not an easy task to make the interior both tasteful and practical at the same time. Completing such a task may turn out to be quite a problem, consuming a large amount of time. We actively cooperate in the field of interior and garden designs as well as commercial buildings, etc. These are experienced studios characterized by aesthetics and high quality of the architectural whole. We encourage you to use their services .

Contact our specialist

Łukasz Kocaj - Lighting Specialist
Łukasz Kocaj
Lighting Specialist

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