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Garden Ball Lights

Garden Ball Lights

Garden Ball Lights

A beautiful and modern lighting for your garden

This beautiful and modern lighting for the garden and apartment will beautifully illuminate the paths around your home, delighting you and your guests. Lighting is in addition to its aesthetic qualities is very functional. Light is not focused, and because of scattering, we get more light and create a unique climate.

Garden ball lamps and weather conditions

Created with strong materials that are resistant to unfavorable conditions. At least IP44 protection allows safe outdoor use, without the risk of rain or other storms. Some of our garden balls have IP67 protection - these balls are virtually waterproof, allowing them to be thrown into the pool or pond and enjoying beautiful floating lighting.

Wide selection of garden balls

Our garden spheres can be divided into two types: garden-powered garden spheres and solar garden spheres. Power-operated lamps provide powerful light regardless of atmospheric conditions of the location of the lamp. Their seemingly difficult installation is paying off in the form of reliable operation no matter what time of day. Solar garden spheres charge from daylight and automatically switch on when it's dark by using the integrated dusk sensor. Solar lighting thanks to the fact that they do not require external power, save electricity and give us great flexibility and flexibility in placement. And when the original location we get bored we can take this lamp to hand and move to any other place. IP67 garden balls can be thrown into the pool or pond - they will float on the water, charge day and night shine beautifully.

All garden balls are covered by a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Lighting Knowledge Centre - Blog

Solar balls - will they survive winter? Long-term test Set of solar balls

Solar lamps, powered by solar energy, are the perfect solution for everyone who wants to care for the environment. They are ecological, efficient and you can say that they shine for free. However, many people are worried that if the sun is limited, for example during cloudy weather or in winter, the lamps will be very weak or not at all. Will the solar ball withstand winter? Will it shine despite the lack of sun?

In front of our store we have placed a solar ball and watched it work, especially during winter. Here is our report on the use of a solar lamp!

Tips and ideas for outdoor lighting Bega

Outdoor lighting is more a necessity than a luxury today. Outdoor lighting is available in all shapes and sizes, so it has many different applications. Regardless of whether you want to complement the decor of your home or try to increase the level of lighting throughout the home, outdoor lighting can help you.

Garden Ball Lights