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How to illuminate the children's room

While the lighting of the house and individual rooms does not cause much trouble, the proverbial “stairs” can start when choosing the right light for our child’s room, where it plays a special role. In our category Lamps for children, we focus all the most interesting models of luminaires designed especially for our children.

Children lamps Children’s lamps and lighting for children’s rooms in the Lunares.pl store

It’s no secret that man needs light. Both natural and artificial, it is necessary for us to live and function normally. It regulates our daily rhythm, has a significant impact on our mood, and depending on the color - it drives us to act and makes it easier to prepare for sleep. While the lighting of the house and individual rooms does not cause much trouble, the proverbial “stairs” can start when choosing the right light for our child’s room, where it plays a special role. Therefore, it is worth considering the choice of appropriate exposure.

For a newborn child who can not distinguish between day and night in the first few weeks of life, the question of light is crucial. Sensitive eyeballs need time to switch from the tummy mode to conditions outside of it. Therefore, we can immediately abandon intensive central lighting - hanging lamps - or floor lamps that occupy space. A great solution here will be sconces.

Children lamps Wall lamp for a child - Biedronka

Sconces for children

Sconces are a universal type of lamps. They are treated as decorative, or supportive lighting of a small size, mounted on the wall. They are a source of soft and delicate light that does not bother or irritate the eyes. Mounted over the cot or changing table will definitely facilitate evening and night care of the baby, while introducing the right mood. For an older student, fastened just above the bed, they can easily replace the night lamp, giving a sense of security and facilitating evening reading of fairy tales.

The emerging new models can be divided into two basic categories: sconces for girls and sconces for boys.

Wall lamp rabbit Sconce for a girl - Rabbit

  Wall lamp car Wall lamp for a boy - Car

Luminaires available on the market can be open or closed, transparent and milk, directed up or down. The light emitted from the opaque wall lamps is gentle and relaxing, while the open lamp reflects off the ceilings and walls, at the same time becoming more intense. For the baby’s room it is worth choosing opaque wall lamps in pastel shades, giving a somewhat dispersed and spotlight. For slightly older children, we will certainly find something that suits their tastes - currently, the very popular motif of wall lamps are fairy-tale characters, or moon and sun shades associated with the sky and light in the shape of the moon, stars and clouds.

In the older man’s room (which simultaneously fulfills many functions), it is worth considering the layout of the lighting in particular. A great solution here is ceiling lamps hanging, giving a bright and evenly dispersed light, for example in the shape of a cylinder, which further increases the range of exposure to the area intended for fun. Where science is dominating, office lights can be checked. Let us remember that the light with which the child reads should be sharp and cool, and our child should not look at its source. Therefore, an interesting solution is a lampshade form. The above-mentioned sconces mounted above the bed, or small bedside lamps, are great for silencing the senses, ideally suited for sleeping and reading fairy tales, while providing the right atmosphere.

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